The YouTubers I’m Watching This Vlogmas


One of my favourite things to do at the weekend or an evening when James isn’t home, is to sit and watch my favourite YouTubers. With more and more doing vlogmas every year, it’s the best treat in the evening to sit with a cup of tea and catch up on what they’re doing during December.

I’m not big into watching regular TV but I live for Netflix and YouTube. We actually didn’t have TV in our house all year, we only got it installed last month! So as you can imagine, I have become heavily reliant on streaming Netflix shows and watching vlogs, my version of reality TV, all year.

With Christmas just two weeks away I thought I’d update you on my favourite YouTubers who are doing Vlogmas this year. You still have plenty of time to catch up with the last 11 days worth of vlogs before Christmas!

Retro Flame

I’m a huge fan of Erika Fox aka Retro Flame. She first started doing vlogmas last year and I eagerly awaited this years series of videos. She seems like such a genuinely nice girl and I love her work ethic!


So whilst she may have received some baaacklash over *that* advent cqalendar, she is still one of my favourite people to watch on YouTube. I think she lives such a sureeal life but I’m always watching to see where she is or what homeware bits she’s bought! Christmas is the best time of year to get on the Zoella bandwagon as her days seem so fun, I want to be there too!

Gabriella Lindley

I’ve followed Gabby for years and rarely miss a vlog from her. She is such an honest and down to earth person who I find so relatable. Having suffered myself with anxiety and weight issues, I love watching her videos and seeing how she deals with these issues.

Louise Cooney

I’ve followed Louise for a while on Instagram but she’s new to my Vlogmas watch list this year. I feel like I’m getting to know Louise a little better through her videos. I also love the fact that she’s Irish, so the places she visits are in my reach if I want to head along too!

Jazzybum Vlogs

Jasmin is another UK YouTuber I follow and I just love her videos. She’s so sweet and funny! I love how she shows life failures and tests out the crazy things we see on the internet, so we don’t need to spend our own money on them!

If there is someone you think I should be watching this Vlogmas, let me know in the comments!

Thanks For Reading!