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Winter Hair Care

For my 6th day of blogmas I’m talking all about the extra care I’m taking this winter when it comes to looking after my locks. Whilst the summer can bring its own problems I find I struggle most with my hair during the winter.

It can be very easy to try skip past the extra time it takes to take care of my hair and just throw on a cute bobble hat! I find that the cold weather paired with pulling hats and scarves on and off leaves my hair in bits during the winter months.

Lately I’ve been making a conscious effort to avoid this. The first step to having good hair is to keep getting trims to help remove split ends. Whilst it may seem counterintuitive to cut your hair to help it grow, it does work.

I am due a trim but until I can find the time I’ve been looking for other ways to keep my hair in good shape.

moroccan oil light treatment oil

I recently received a sample of the Moroccan hair oil and to say I love it is an understatement. I’ve never used an oil on my hair before and was always afraid of being left with a greasy mess.

I brush the Moroccan oil through the ends of my hair whilst damp and then move on to drying it. It smells amazing and I’ve definitely noticed my hair breaking less.

My next favourite thing lately are my Faro hairbrushes. I won these as a spot prize at Marissa’s Masterclass in Dublin a few months ago and haven’t stopped using them.

faro hair brushes

The brushes have large vents to help more air pass through, reducing the amount of time spent blow drying hair. Each brush has a ceramic barrel with ionic steel bristles which helps to retain heat and prevent breakage of the hair.

When I blow dry my hair using the Moroccan oil and Faro brushes, I can get it straight enough and smooth enough that I don’t need to do any further damage with my GHD. This has had a massive difference as I’m not frying my hair a second time with the heat of the straighteners.

On days that I know I won’t be meeting much people I tend to avoid drying my hair at all. My hair is naturally curly and I prefer to have it curled when I can. After towel drying my hair I run some John Frieda frizzeaze through the ends and then give it a spray with Joico curling spray. The easiest way for me to manage curls and stop the frizziness is to then do two pigtails and let my hair dry naturally like this. Depending on how my hair drys, sometimes I need to run a curling iron through the front sections but this is a mainly heat free way of looking after my hair.

Lastly, as with skincare, you need to take care of the insides to keep the outsides looking good. I do try to eat as healthily as possible but I’ve been using the Solgar supplements for some extra help. I have been using Nutri Nano Co-Q10, Collagen Hyaluronic Acid Complex and Skin, Nails and Hair Formula. Between these three my hair is noticeably stronger and I suffer less with dryness.

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