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We Bought A House

I’ve been counting down to this day for years and can’t believe that now I’m finally able to say we bought a house! James and I have been planning and saving for years and can now officially call ourselves new homeowners!

This isn’t supposed to be a bragging post, but I really wanted to be able to share and document our journey in our new home here on the blog. I started my blog years ago as a creative escape from a job I was beginning to hate. After working hard at the bottom of the ladder for years, I’m now in a job I love, in the industry I’m passionate about. It feels like buying our own home was the next step on a list of goals I want to acheive.

I’ve grown and changed so much since beginning this blog. From initially talking purely about makeup and beauty products, I started to stretch into talking about fashion and cloths for more curvy bodies. Whilst I still want to talk about all those things, I’m excited to start talking more about homewares and interiors. James says it’s like I have a Pinterest board for our house in my head, that he can’t see. So maybe going forward this will be my way of sharing my own personal Pinterest board with all of you.

I keep telling people that it’s like all things home related have taken over my brain for the past few months. I’m so happy now to be able to let all my ideas out and discover what ideas and styles work for us in our new home. It’s also amazing to be done with the stress of applying for a Mortgage and the process of actually buying a house. I’m sure everyone who has gone through the process will agree it is one of the most stressful processes to go through. Our application was delayed due to the Covid 19 pandemic and definitely made things much more difficult.

I won’t get into too much more about the process of buying a house right now. It’s just great to be able to share some good news! You can definitely expect a lot of home related posts over the next few months so if that’s what your into, keep an eye out on my Instagram for updates. If there’s ever anything you want to know about our journey to buying a home, pop a comment below and I’ll try to answer any questions as best I can.


Thanks For Reading!