Travel Makeup Brushes: Brushes I Use When I’m on the Go

I’ll start off by saying I am not a morning person. In the mornings I look for any way that will give me extra time with my bed. My train to work is an hour long so at this stage I’ve perfected the art of packing lightly when it comes to makeup and makeup brushes and applying everything on the train.

My makeup brush collection is ever growing and there’s no way I could carry all the different brushes in and out to work with me every day. I’ve gathered together a list of my favourite makeup brushes that I carry pretty much every time I’m travelling and what I use them for.

Foundation & Concealer



When I’m at home I tend to use a beauty blender to apply my foundation and concealer. For me a sponge always gives a nicer finish, however when I’m doing my makeup on the go a sponge just isn’t practical. It’s a bit awkward trying to find somewhere to wet the sponge. The brushes I always tend to pick up when I know I’ll be doing makeup on the go are my Blank Canvas F20 and the Jessup angled brush. Blank Canvas brushes are really good quality for a great price point and this buffer brush helps apply my foundation seamlessly.

I’m a big fan of Jessup brushes, they are super cheap and can be bought on eBay. The last time I bought some I got a set of ten synthetic hair brushes for ?14. I’m pretty sure this brush is supposed to be for eyeshadow but I find it works perfectly for blending out my concealer around my eyes. I prefer to use a small brush for this as I get more precision than if I were to use the BC F20.




I always bring two brushes with me for applying powder. I love using my Buff & Blend BB05 to sweep rice powder over my face to set my makeup. This is the only Buff & Blend brush that I own at the moment but it is one of the best brushes I have. The quality is amazing and I’ll definitely be picking up more.

I tend to use a duo fibre brush, I normally buy Crownbrush or MAC, to sweep bronzer around the contours of my face. I find using a brush likes this helps to disperse the powder easier. I also like to have this with me in case I end up doing a cream bronzer, as it is a synthetic hair brush it blends cream and liquid products a lot better than a natural haired brush.



I never do a massive amount of contouring for day to day looks. I think it’s better to keep super defined cheekbones to nights out. I do like to give some subtle contour to my face and I love using the MAC 168. This is a natural haired brush so works better with powder products. This brush is dense and fluffy and the angled bristles make it perfect to fit under my cheekbones for contouring.



For years I never wore blush, I’ve always been pretty red cheeked and was afraid to make it even worse. This year though I’ve found myself wearing it more and more and I always pick up my Bobbi Brown blush brush to apply it. Like the MAC 168, this is super dense and fluffy. It picks up just the right amount of product and the rounded top helps blend blush into the skin.



2016 was definitely the year that everyone set out to achieve a perfect highlight. I find a fan brush is the best for applying highlighter. Fan brushes pick up just enough product and sue to the wide flat top, the highlight can be dispersed perfectly on top of the cheekbones. This is the C310 DLX. Soft Fan by Crownbrush and is relatively cheap.




When it comes to picking out which brushes to take with me for eye makeup, I always struggle. There are so many different types and sizes that if I could take them all I’d need another bag. I’ve managed to whittle it down to these four and they haven’t left me stuck so far. My Crownbrush C458 is super fluffy and is perfect for applying a cream shadow under my brows for definition and a transition shade all over the lid. I then move on to my AYU pencil brush to deepen up the colour on my outer lid. A lot of pencil brushes can feel quite scratchy and irritating on the eye but the AYU pencil brush is so soft and never scratches my lids.



For every eye look, blending is key. The SS027 DLX Blending Crease by Crownbrush is by far the best blending brush I’ve tried, I have about four so that I’ll always have a clean one! Lastly I bring a flat shadow brush for packing on shadow. I tend to do very simple makeup looks during the day but I like having this to help add a pop of colour to the centre of my lid. I also use the tip of this to blend shadow on my lower lash line.

I carry all my brushes in a roll up makeup brush sleeve which helps protect them and keep them compact enough for travelling. I bought mine on eBay a few years back and it was around ?3-?5, you’ll always find them cheap on eBay or Amazon. Mine is falling me apart at this stage but for the price I paid I’ve definitely got my money’s worth!

I know some people would be able to manage with only half of these brushes but for me, cutting down to only 11 is a big accomplishment. Most of these brushes can be used for multiple parts of makeup application which is a major plus. It would be rare that I would need any other brushes with me for makeup on the go. the only other brush I bring with me the odd time would be an eyeliner brush for gel liner, but who has time for that every day?

I hope you picked up a few travel tips from this post, I’d love to hear what brushes you bring with you. Is there any I’ve listed here?

Thanks for reading!

Megan x