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My Traditions For The Late Late Toy Show

As with most Irish people, sitting in on the night of The Late Late Toy Show is a Christmas tradition not to be missed.

Every family has their ways of doing things different so I thought I’d share with you my favourite things to do on the night of the toy show.

One thing I think many will agree on is that you put up your Christmas decorations before the toy show. Having my decorations up definitely helps me get in the Christmas spirit, not that I need extra encouragement.

A takeaway on Friday night is almost alway guaranteed. This year it will be a little bit different as I’m trying to lose weight so I’ll be steering clear of my usual Dominos order. One thing that won’t change is the bowl of popcorn in front of me with a bag of Galaxy counters!

Primark Instagram
These Home Alone Pyjamas are perfect for a cosy night in watching the Toy Show, Top ?9 & Bottoms ?10 both from Primark

I love coming home on the Friday of The Toy show and settling in for the night. As soon as my dinner is over its straight into the Christmas pyjamas and you won’t move me from the couch unless its to refill my mug of tea.

For me, the opening scene is always one of the best parts of the show. Sitting there wondering what this years theme is and how gaudy Tubridy’s jumper is going to be!

ryan tubridy christmas jumper

As a kid The Toy Show was all about seeing the new toys and adding EVERYTHING to my Christmas list. Now I can’t get over the hilariousness of some of the kids on the show. What makes it even better is the reactions on Twitter. I can’t watch it anymore without seeing what everyone else is saying about it. It’s like having Gogglebox instantly on my phone.

The Toy show is a must see this Christmas, no matter where you are, if you’re going to be away check out for the viewing times across the world.

I’d love to hear what your traditions are surrounding The Late Late Toy Show? Would you rather spend your Friday night out of the house or id it the perfect way to start the Christmas season?

Thanks for reading!

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