My Thoughts On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and is a holiday that stirs mixed emotions for many. I am of the view that it is very much a Hallmark holiday. People tend to take Valentine’s Day way to seriously, going overboard with gifts.

For others, it is a reminder that they are single or may no longer have their loved one around. Having flowers, hearts and cupid images in your face at the entrance to every shop is not easy for many.

For myself and James, we tend not to do too much on Valentine’s Day. For us, it is a little push to remind us to have some quality time together and is not all about the gifts. I’m not going to lie, I won’t turn down a nice bouquet of flowers, but there won’t be crazily expensive gifts being bought.

I always loved getting a card and a bunch of flowers, but my most memorable gift from James has to be from when we were around two or three years together. We were both working in a pub in Dublin and I couldn’t wait to finish my shift and get home so we could have a nice dinner. I was being overly soppy and expected to go home to a perfect romantic meal! We were just about finished work when James disappeared, overly soppy me thought he was about to whip out some amazing gift.

He reappears about a half hour later, after a quick trip to Tesco, and presents to me a card, followed by a bag of flour, eggs and other ingredients so that I could bake him something! Safe to say I was mortified as our boss fell off his chair from laughing so hard! Ever since, I’ve not expected much from February 14th.

Whilst I get that Valentine’s Day is a nice day to celebrate your relationship with a loved one, I now prefer the more low key side of things. Below I’ve listed some ideas of what you can do for Valentine’s Day that show you care without splashing an obscene amount of money on the Hallmark Holiday.

Cook Dinner Together

After a failed experience eating out on V-Day and being squashed into a restaurant trying to fit in as many as possible, we eat in to avoid the masses. If you’re a good cook or you have a favourite meal, why not cook your own romantic dinner at home. It will be half the price you would pay at a restaurant and a bottle of Aldi prosecco does grand if you’re looking to make it a bit fancier.

Get A Takeaway

If you’re not so good at cooking, or just couldn’t be bothered, get your favourite takeaway delivered to your door. I can tell you now I’ll 100% be ordering from either our favourite Indian or Italian and watching something on Netflix, and the tubs can go straight in the bin after to save on washing up!

Head To The Cinema

I love cinema dates, sitting with a bucket of popcorn and Galaxy Minstrels whilst watching the latest release. It might be a little more packed than usual but once you pick a film your both excited about, your guaranteed a good night. If you’re looking to save a bit of money, bring your own popcorn and snacks stashed in a handbag and I’d advise it’s probably the wrong night to see the next 50 Shades film.

I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day!


Thanks For Reading!