The Craziest Beauty Trends Of 2017

Crazy Beauty Trends

2017 seen a huge number of beauty fads take over social media. Some seemed to work, whilst others were just insane.

Eyebrow styling was a huge trend throughout 2017, with pretty much all of the fads being completely unwearable. Other than giving you some viral content for your Instagram, I don’t see how braiding your brows is in any way useful.

Take a look at some of the craziest beauty techniques that went viral during the year…

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Christmas Tree Brows

The most recent of brow trends to hit Instagram. Yes they look quite festive but I can’t see myslef doing my brows like this on Christmas day!


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Reindeer Boobs

Yes, people are actually posting pictures on Instagram of their boobs decorated like Rudolf… Basically you cut a boob-sized hole in your top, pull a boob out, and decorate it like a reindeer… Each to their own I suppose!

Crazy Beauty Trends

Tinsel Eyelashes

If you have some spare tinsel, why not glue it to your eyelashes. Honestly though, don’t! This looks like a serious hazard and a nightmare to remove without pulling out all your eyelashes.


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Feather Brows

For some reason, pictures of feather brows took over Instagram for a while this year. From there people went on to embellish the already ridiculous brows even further and turned them into Crown brows.


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McDonalds Brows

Huda Beauty did her own take on the wacky brow trend with McDonalds brows. I seriously can’t deal with these.

Crazy Beauty Trends

Holographic Hair

In fairness, the holographic hair trend looks beautiful. Not something I could pull off myself though. I wouldn’t think the maintenance is too easy either.

Crazy Beauty Trends
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Floral Eyeliner

This eyeliner trend looks beautiful and shows off how much skill eyeliner can take! This is one trend that if I had the skill, I would try to recreate, if only for the pretty picture!


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Faux Freckles

Girls with freckles are trying to cover them up whilst everyone else is drawing them on. My main issue with this is if you rub your face at all, will you have brown smears everywhere? Some people, went a step further and actually got tattoo freckles!

Crazy Beauty Trends
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Lollipop Lips

Yes, this is a real trend! MAC seem to be the first to create the look, by smearing lipstick around the outer edges of your lips. Definitely not my cup of tea anyway.

Crazy Beauty Trends

Glitter Roots

Glitter roots were everywhere during festival season. Whilst this hair trend does look amazing, it is probably the messiest thing ever. Glitter is near impossible to get rid of, so you’ll be finding it in your hair for weeks!

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