Teeth Whitening Experience at The White House

Hello everyone, I hope your having a lovely Saturday!

A few weeks back I decided to contact The White House Teeth Whitening Clinic to make an appointment to get my teeth whitened. I was lucky enough that they agreed to give me the full treatment in exchange for a blog about them.

Honestly I was over the moon to be able to get my teeth whitened. For the past year I really haven’t been happy with the way my smile has looked. I drink a lot of tea and the staining was just not going away. It is something I have been really conscious of. When I looked back at my pictures over the last few months there was very few of me smiling.

The process of booking my appointment was really simple. All you have to do is go online, choose your clinic and then find a time that suits you best. I ended up going for an 8pm appointment as I don?t get home from work until half 6 every evening. On Thursday I evening I made my way into the Swords clinic, it is situated directly across from Penneys which was great because I could park in the shopping centre for free.

The lovely Maria was my teeth whitening specialist for my appointment. From the moment I went in she was so friendly and answered any questions I had about the treatment. Normally the treatment lasts 1 hour total. There is three 15 minute sessions in front of the laser and this should give you 4-5 shades whiter teeth. As my teeth were badly stained, Maria decided to give me 3 17 minute sessions to try achieve the desired effect.

At the start of the treatment, Maria measured what shade my teeth were so that we could compare at the end. Then a plastic shield was placed into my mouth to pull back the gums and expose my teeth. My teeth got a quick clean and then the whitening gel was applied to each tooth and the laser was brought out. The laser does have to be pretty close to your teeth so its hard to see anything but the machine in front of you. I was able to see the TV on the wall though so I sat back for my first 17 minute session. After each 17 minute session, Maria suctioned my mouth and cleaned the gel from my teeth before reapplying fresh gel.

I will say, the process is not painful at all. I was advised though that if you have extremely sensitive teeth that you will experience sensitivity during the treatment. Luckily I didn’t experience any pain. The only way I can describe the feeling is like air blowing across your teeth. I wont say it wasn’t uncomfortable, it was. But not in a way that I couldn’t handle. For me it was just slightly uncomfortable with the mouth piece holding my mouth open and the saliva build up.

I can safely say this is not the sort of treatment you bring your crush along to. Nobody needs to see you drooling like a baby. Maria was very good and suctioned the saliva, over time there was a build up but at the same time it cant be helped.

I was so happy at the end of the treatment. After I rinsed out my mouth, Maria checked how white my teeth were compared to the original measurement. We were expecting my teeth to go around 5 shades lighter but they went an amazing 8 shades whiter! I honestly was not expecting my teeth to go so white as I drink way too much black tea (I don’t drink milk) and I am a smoker. I wasn’t even going to mention I’m a smoker as its not something I like to advertise but obviously it is a big factor in how stained my teeth were so for my teeth to go 8 shades whiter really was amazing. I would like to mention that my consultant Maria said to me that if you have a build up of tartar on your teeth the treatment won’t whiten them as much as you would like. She recommended getting a scale and polish in the dentist prior to the treatment as this will give the best results. My local dentist does this for ?40 so its not overly expensive.

For me the hardest part of the treatment was being informed I could only have white food and drink for the next 24 hours and no smoking at all. This was what I found most difficult as I’m a vegetarian so there really wasn’t a lot of food choices for me, and no tea!! I also need to use a whitening toothpaste to help with the upkeep but this isn’t a big deal really, most brands do a whitening version. Lately I’ve been using the iWhite toothpaste or the Swiss Smile whitening toothpaste and I also use Eucryl powder twice a week to help remove staining.

It has been just over 2 weeks since I had my treatment and I still can’t stop looking at them in the mirror. I am so happy with them and can’t believe I never thought of getting my teeth whitened before. The White House have such an amazing service and the staff were so lovely. If teeth whitening is something you’ve been thinking of I’d really recommend getting it done. The White House have a special offer on at the moment, you can get your teeth whitened for just ?120 which is so reasonable. They also have a really good offer if you book for 2 people its only ?99 each, so grab a friend and you can both have sparkling white teeth.