My Top Tech Gifts This Christmas

Christmas Tech Gifts

Christmas is one of those times when we can justify those not-so-subtle hints to our parents/other half that we want the latest hi-tech expensive gadget that we won’t buy for ourselves.

When James and I are buying for each other at Christmas we always get the usual small things for stocking fillers along with one “Big Present”!

So here is my list of this years top tech items that any girl would be happy to find under the tree!

Christmas Tech Gifts

iPhone 8 Plus

I am dying to get my hands on this phone! Originally I was after the iPhone X but after hearing so many bad reviews I think the iPhone 8 Plus comes out on top! I’ve always been a fan of the Apple phones and really want to try out the bigger plus size one and the new camera features. It’s expensive but for me, my phone is my work and a decent phone is a must have!
Christmas Tech Gifts


This a brilliant gadget for anyone who is trying to get a little bit fitter and do more exercise. This is worn around your wrist and comes in many different colours and styles. It can track your sleep, exercise, weight, activity and food all day and you can see your results/stats on an app on your phone. The app will let you see how others are getting on and let you compete with each other if you want.
Christmas Tech Gifts

Apple Watch

Basically a watch that’s a phone! The Apple Watch comes in so many different styles and colours, the only problem you’ll have is choosing which one to get! Seriously how amazing does the Mia cuff look on the Apple Watch, you can get it here!
Christmas Tech Gifts

GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand

I have a set of GHD straighteners and they are without a doubt one of the best on the market and my personal favourite. Over the past year I’ve strayed away from straightening my hair and much prefer it curled! I would love to get a really good curler and if I was to invest, this creative curl wand would be top of my list!
Christmas Tech Gifts

Lanai Blow

I’m literally waiting for my hairdryer to give in so I can get one of these! I love how they can be personalised and have a salon length cable so you don’t need to be right next to the socket. They’re lightweight but still powerful with 2400 watts to help dry your hair even faster. Ionic Technology gives an anti static effect so that hair is left with a smooth and shiny finish.

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