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Sitting Room Makeover | Part 1

Sitting room makeover

Welcome to part 1 of our Sitting Room Makeover! Even when we viewed our house before we bought it, I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted to do with the sitting room. When we got our keys, it was the first room we got to work on. Luckily for me, James completely agreed with everything I wanted to do.

We picked our floors from before we got our keys and they’re being fit this week. We decided to get all the messy work out of the way before then so we’re not worried about paint splashes etc.

Sitting Room Makeover

The first thing we started on was painting the room. We both wanted a navy blue wall in the sitting room. I knew it would look great to do the main 3 walls in one bold colour and leave one wall in a more neutral shade. We painted the wall at the bay window in Johnstone’s Ivory Spray and painted the other three walls with Gatsby Blue by Dulux Moda. Now that they’re all painted, I absolutely love how it turned out.

Sitting Room Makeover

Sitting Room Makeover

The next job we moved on to was definitely the hardest. I really love the look of coving and think it just adds something to the look of a room. After researching coving and how to do it, we decided to use the Supercove coving from Woodies. This brand has a whole system with lengths and corners to make it super easy to fit. Our problem was by the time we went to buy, we couldn’t get the internal corners we needed. This was where the nightmare began.

I would say James and I are both fairly handy at DIY and know how to do a good bit. Cutting a mitre edge on coving it turns out is not in our skill set… We spent hours and at least 2 full lengths of coving trying to get the cut right to get the corners to meet. We eventually gave up and came back for a 2nd try the next day. Many YouTube videos later, James figured it out.

Even with getting the corner cuts right, there is still a lot of work to putting up the coving. We worked our way around the room putting it up piece by piece. Once it was all stuck up, James went around filling the joins with coving filler. You can use the coving adhesive to fill joins but we had a couple of spots that needed a good bit of filling so we used this type so that we could sand it perfectly after. Because there was a few gaps that were bigger than we would have liked, we needed to fill them halfway at first to let the filler set and then go back and fill them completely a second time. After leaving the filler to set overnight, we set out sanding down any rough edges.

Sitting Room Makeover

Once we had this done it was just a case of painting the coving white. We also went back around with the navy paint touching up any marks that we’d made during the installation..

I am really happy with how it turned out. I think it looks great and definitely adds to the room but it’s not something I will be doing again. This is a job I’d definitely pay a tradesman to do in future. It’s worth paying, just to avoid the stress! I’m the sort of person that always likes to at least try something myself, but I’m quickly realising that some things are better left to the experienced tradespeople.

Hopefully we’ll have our floors and sofas all in over the next few weeks so make sure to keep an eye out for the next post showing the finished sitting room makeover!

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