Review: Smashbox Contour Sticks

I was lucky enough to be gifted a selection of Smashbox makeup from my parents for my Birthday in April. I was really excited to try out the Smashbox Contour Sticks as I hadn’t actually heard much about them.

Normally I prefer cream contour products to powder and contour sticks are some of my favourites. I have quite a collection of contour products but only ever reach to very few when doing my makeup.

I’ve spent the past few months trying them out and they have become a firm favourite of mine!


What I love about contour sticks is how easy they are to use. I have plenty of cream contour palettes but I find them so messy. You need a separate brush to apply your light and dark shades and another brush for blending. I’m sorry but I don’t have the time to be washing three brushes every time I’ve done a cream contour. It just ain’t happening.

Contour pencils or sticks are pretty fool proof. You draw on your face using the different shades of ‘pencil’ and then blend them out. Simple!

Out of all the contour sticks I’ve tried, I definitely think these Smashbox ones are some of the best. They come in a pack of three chunky contour pencils along with a sharpener. The fact that they included the sharpener is a must for me as I don’t want to spend money on a product and then have to spend more on a brand specific sharpener because the pencils are a custom width (Urban Decay I’m looking at you).

The colours in the pack are labelled as Contour, Bronze and Highlight so you have a pretty good range. One thing I would say is that if you are very pale the highlight shade might be too dark. I tend to only use it if I’m wearing fake tan as otherwise the shade just doesn’t match up great.

Depending on how much tan I’m wearing at the time, I will use either the contour or bronze shades to contour with. If I’m a bit pale, the contour shade is slightly too dark so this is when I use the bronze. If I’m wearing tan I will swipe on the contour and highlight shades and once I have them blended I will pop on some of the bronze as well.


The formula of the Smashbox Contour Sticks is a nice creamy consistency which makes them very easy to blend. After applying the shades I use a flat buffer brush or beauty blender to blend everything in. It’s hard to go overboard when your using this type of contour product as its so easy to blend out. This makes it perfect if you want a quick cream contour or you are a beginner and need user friendly products. The trio comes with a leaflet inside detailing contour points for different face shapes. This is super handy if your not too sure what to do as all you need to figure out is what shape your face looks like most and then start drawing!

You may notice I’ve used the word “easy” a lot throughout this review but that’s the thing, they’re so damn easy to use! At ?38 they do originally look a little pricey but for me these have become an essential in my makeup routine. If your looking to try out a new contour product or are a beginner and want something hassle free, definitely treat yourself to these!

Thanks for reading!

Megan x

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