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Primark Tan

If you’ve followed my blog for a while now you’ll know I’m a lover of fake tan. When Primark released their new tan range I knew I needed to try it out.

I’m extremely picky about tan and when I find a tan I like I tend to stick to it.

The Primark tan range boasts a whole load of new products. Penneys were kind enough to send me out a voucher so I could pop in store and pick up the range to try for myself. I decided to put the Pre-Tan Primer, Self Tan Mousse and Self-Tan Back Applicator to the test.

primark tan

Bronze Pre-Tan Primer

Tanning primers and waters have started to pop up throughout a number of tan ranges. The idea behind them is that they prime and moisturise the skin without affecting the application of tan. I’ve tried a number of these before and get the idea but tend to bury them at the bottom of a drawer. The pre-tan primer has a really nice fresh scent and I found it really moisturising for what it is. The spray on the bottle was a little harsh, not creating the mist I had hoped for but I didn’t mind this as I was rubbing it in anyway. The bottle is only €4 and will definitely last ages as you only need to apply a small amount before tanning.

primark tan

Bronze Self Tan Mousse

I’m not going to lie I was very skeptical about a €4 bottle of tan. My experience of cheap tans has been that they smell terrible, have a green tint and leave you orange. I have to say I was really surprised by this tan though. The mousse itself had a slight green tint when on the mitt but definitely didn’t transfer to the skin like that. It blended really well and the transfer colour was nice. After rinsing the tan had a really nice olive tone with not a hint of tangerine in sight. I was most impressed with how the tan was on my skin.

This was definitely helped by the pre-tan water. Whilst I have really dry skin the tan did not go scaly. It didn’t sink into the dermatitis on my hands, which most tans do. The next test was how well it would wear off. The tan lasted really well on my body with the only signs of wear being around the hands and feet. Whilst there was signs of wear, it wasn’t drastic and was mainly due to shoes rubbing or washing my hands a lot. For only €4, this is a winner in my eyes and definitely a tan I can see myself reaching for again.

primark tan

Self-Tan Back Applicator

This is probably the product I was most excited about trying. James has become somewhat of an expert at blending the tan on my back but I always get stuck trying to do it myself when he’s working. I’m sure a lot of ladies can relate to this when I say no matter how hard you try, somehow a spot always gets missed! This was such an easy product to use. I just pumped some mousse along the mitt and slid it from side to side across my back. It blended it so well and stopped the crazy arm stretches.

The only spot I couldn’t manage to properly get was the indent right in the centre of my upper back along my spine. Basically the dip in my back belong the bra line between the ribs. Back flab didn’t help the situation. I managed to get tan in the centre after positioning the long mitt directly down the centre and moving it up and down whilst leaning forward, not a pretty sight I can tell you!! Overall I can see this becoming my best friend for applying tan on those nights where James is in work. This is available now in Penneys/Primark stores for €5.

All these products are available in Penneys and Primark stores now.

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  1. Rachel says:

    How long did you leave the primark self tan mousse on for before washing it off. . It has no instructions?? Xx

    1. I normally do my tan at night and wash it in the morning so that’s what I did with this and it turned out nice on me 🙂 xx

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