Review | Amphis Beauty Skin, Hair & Nail Nutrients

I’ve been trying out the Amphis Beauty range for the past few months and am really starting to see the difference supplements can make in my beauty regime.

There are so many skincare products and supplements on the market that at times it can be hard to figure out what products you should and shouldn’t be including in your skincare routine.

I’m not new to taking beauty supplements, I’ve tried a number of different brands before. My main issue with beauty supplements has never been the result, it’s taking them in the first place! The amount of half used packets of tablets I’ve come across from forgetting to take them every morning.

This is where I feel Amphis Beauty supplements differ for me. The Hair & Nail Nutrients are a liquid keratin food supplement that you drink out of the sachet. I actually find the taste of it pretty good, it is described as a chalky orange flavour, so I take them before my cup of tea every morning. By taking the sachet it reminds me to take the Skin Nutrients (which are capsules) whilst drinking my tea. I know this is all mind tricks but for me it works!

Hair and Nail Nutrients

The Hair and Nail Nutrients are the most interesting in the range in my opinion. They are the World’s first and only liquid keratin food supplement. Keratin is a protein which is the key structural material in the hair and nails. They also contain a unique formula Amphis Keratin Sea Mineral Complex TM which accelerates the growth of strong, lustrous hair and strengthens nails. The marine actives work from the inside out, using vitamin-enriched sea minerals from the ocean.

Do They Work?

Yes! I’ve found my hair to be in amazing condition over the past few months. So much so that at my last hairdresser visit my hairdresser commented on how much my hair had grown. The only thing I can put it down to is these. Also my nails are constantly damaged from wearing cheap stick on nails, they look good but do so much damage! I’ve really notice over the past week that my nails seem stronger and have less signs of damage from the falsies. Obviously it’s harder to tell when constantly gluing false nails on and then pulling them off, but I feel like my natural nail is holding up a lot better than normal!

Skin Nutrients

The Amphis Beauty Skin Nutrients are definitely a great product. Free radicals can cause accelerated skin ageing and Amphis Skin Nutrients contain a natural nutrient-rich sea kelp complex has been formulated to provide skin cells with powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and hydrating sea-sourced ingredients. For effective results, Amphis Skin Nutrients are intended to be taken daily and on a monthly basis.

Do They Work?


I have battled with dry skin for years. No matter what topical skincare I try I know I still have dry skin underneath it all. These nutrients from Amphis have massively changed this for me and I can start to see my skin becoming healthier and less dry. My skin does have more of a glow to it and I’ve found I don’t need to use as intensely hydrating products as before. My dry patches have pretty much disappeared which means my makeup is sitting better on my skin too! As with all nutrients it takes a while to notice a difference but I can’t wait to keep up my routine with these and have healthier and more nourished skin throughout Summer.

Overall I’m really enjoying the addition of Amphis Beauty into my beauty regime. Whilst taking supplements as part of a beauty regime may seem odd, it makes a whole lot of sense. I like the fact that I’m nourishing my skin, hair and nails from the inside – where it really matters!

I won’t be ditching my topical creams just yet, but I’m definitely trying to incorporate nutrients into my routine full time now. One thing I would say is that taking beauty supplements can be quite expensive. The Skin Nutrients are €59.99 for one month and the Hair & Nail Nutrients are €69.99, available from 

I can’t see myself being able to afford both every month, but I will definitely keep up taking them. For me I think I just need to choose between which I want! I have definitely seen the benefit of taking these nutrients and can see the difference they make. If you are suffering from skin problems or possibly have an issue with hair loss, then I would really recommend trying these out for yourself.

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