Penneys Have Released The Ultimate Lion King Homeware Range

Penneys Primark The Lion King Disney Collection

Penneys have just announced their latest Primark Disney collection and it is none other than The Lion King!

Was anyone else obsessed with The Lion King as a kid. I loved the movies, yes even the 2nd and 3rd movies! Anything to do with The Lion King had me hooked.

Even as an adult I still love to sit down and watch Simba and Nala fall in love and fight for their tribe together. I even called my first cat Nala, such is my love for the Disney classic.

Well my obsession can now continue with the announcement of Primark’s newest Disney collaboration. They have released a full homeware range of The Lion King themed items and I literally need them all! Between their Beauty and the Beast collection and now this, Primark are seriously making me one very happy lady!

The collection consists of palm printed cushions, ultra-soft throws, tribal inspired prints, character printed mugs and cute wall hangings. Check out the range in the pictures below…

Penneys Primark The Lion King Disney Collection
Lion King Hakuna Matata Cushion €7, Lion King throw €8


Penneys Primark The Lion King Disney Collection
Lion King weekly planner €7, Lion King mug €3.50, Lion King plaque €2, Lion King storage box €9


Let me know if you spot any of these in Irish stores and what pieces are you definitely going to pick up?


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