Christmas Fashion

Penneys Are Bringing Out Matching Christmas Pyjama Sets!

Anyone that knows me knows Christmas is my favourite time of year. That and the fact that my wardrobe and sleepwear is 90% from Penneys. So when I seen that Penneys are bringing out matching family pyjama sets, well I got a little bit excited.

My aim this year is to get James into a set of matching Christmas pyjamas with me. He knows about it. He is not impressed.

I do know a lot of people though that would definitely be into having matching pyjamas, especially for Christmas. If you’re like me and want to get your hands on these then I wouldn’t delay. These will definitely sell out pretty fast and if you’re looking for multiple sizes of the same set, you’ll need to be quick.

I’m going to be on the lookout for the fair-isle sets and I know my sister will appreciate the matching Harry Potter pjs.


Men’s Christmas pyjama set €13, women’s pyjama set €13, kids pyjama set €10


Harry Potter men’s pyjama set €16, Harry Potter women’s pyjama set €14, Harry Potter younger kids pyjama set €10, Harry Potter older kids pyjama set €11


Christmas men’s pyjama set €16, Christmas women’s pyjama set €13, Christmas kids pyjama set €10


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