Outfit and Makeup for James’s Birthday

This week James turned 23 so we both took the week off to spend some time together. James and I have a little tradition that when it is one of our birthdays we get a ‘Birthday Week’! Basically James got spoiled for the week and gets to choose what we do. As we both work 12 hour day and night shifts its hard to get a lot of time together, sometimes even though we live together, we actually might not see each other for two or three days straight. It was so nice to have the week to relax and spend some time with him. His sister Alison and her girlfriend Louise also came home from London for the week so it was really nice to spend some time with them.

On Friday night James and I went out for dinner and drinks with his family to celebrate his birthday. He bought me a voucher at Christmas to get my makeup done by the girls in Fuschia so I was delighted to have a chance to use it, and pick up a few new bits for myself while I was there (I’ll be showing everything I got on Snapchat Monday evening).

I have to say everytime I get my makeup done in Fuschia I come out feeling great. The girls really do look after you in there and the makeup is so amazing.
I did my hair myself for the night and I bought my dress from Quiz in Blanchardstown Centre you can get it here.
On Saturday night we all went out to Circus at the Academy. I went for a completely different look for Saturday night. I’ve never worn my hair like this before so it was a bit weird for me! I felt like I was channeling my inner Kim K!
My outfit is from you can get the bodysuit here and the skirt here. My shoes are from the Limited Edition collection in Penneys and I picked my clutch up there last summer.
I had a great week and really enjoyed getting a chance to dress up and go out, sometimes its nice to put on a full face of makeup and get all dolled up!
I’d love to hear about your weekend so drop me a comment and let me know what you wore or what look you went for. I loved switching it up this weekend so let me know what you thought!
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– Megan x