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Our Bedroom Makeover

I’m so excited to finally be able to share our master bedroom makeover. This is one of the rooms I’m most excited to finish as it’s my little escape at the end of the day. Currently we still have no floors downstairs in our house so I love coming home to this cosy room.

The colour scheme for this room was to keep all the base neutral so that we can add pops of colour if we want. I chose a cream carpet for the floor with a thick underlay so it’s so soft and plush under the feet. I love getting out of bed and feeling my toes hit the super soft carpet under my feet.

The whole house, including this room, is painted in Ammonite by Farrow & Ball but colour matched by Johnstone’s. It’s a nice neutral beige grey but I will be changing this down the line. For now we’ve kept this colour on the walls and have added in lots of cream furnishings to the room to neutralise the grey tones in the paint.

The Decor

I picked up our cream curtains from Home Store & More and they look so well in the room. They’re a heavy lined curtain in a natural shade with a chevron style design. The light reflects off them nicely when they’re open and they really complement the room.

The bedside table lamps were a bargain find in Homesense for only €26 each! They’re a crystal glass base with a pleated cream shade and they look great with the rest of the room. I like that the lamp bases aren’t to chunky so they look sleek on top of the tables without taking up too much space. They’ll also look great with any colour lamp shade so if I want to add colour to the room I can easily swap out the shades.

bedroom makeover bedside table diy

For our bedside lockers, I got out my paintbrush and did an upcycle on an old pair of lockers we’ve had for years. I liked the shape and style of the lockers we had but I wanted a nice painted finish instead of the stained wood look. Before moving in, I made a trip to Woodies and bought Johnstone’s Interior Wood & Metal Paint in Smooth Cream. This is a really nice cream paint for furniture and it’s more cool toned than warm which works perfectly. I knew I didn’t want warm yellow tones so I was really happy with how this turned out. For the moment we still have the old handles on the drawers but we’re going to change these to a brushed gold handle or knob, I just haven’t found the perfect ones yet!

The Bed

We had a bit of a disaster with our bed shopping. Originally we purchased a bed from Diamond Furniture after going to their showroom. However the bed that arrived to us was not the same as the bed we viewed in the showroom and they refused to take it back for an exchange or credit note. When we originally picked the bed in the showroom, it looked like a beige-grey colour. When it arrived it was completely grey and 100% not the colour we thought we were buying. It didn’t fit in well with the room and completely ruined the vision I had of this calm neutral space.

I was so disappointed and then even more so when the customer service from Diamond Furniture was, in my opinion, shite… I spoke to a sales agent, a manager and emailed but there was no help being given. After we realised we were stuck with this bed that wasn’t what we wanted, we decided to give in and build it so that we would have something to sleep on until I could order another bed. We discovered even more problems when we built the bed, it wasn’t the sturdy bed we tried out in the showroom.

The Soho Bed we purchased from Diamond Furniture. The center image is the bed that arrived – a very different shade to the website’s own image (left) and the image I took in the showroom (right).

James is convinced we were given a bed that has been assembled before and taken apart as it didn’t want to fit together properly. The parts came taped together in brown packing tape, not packaged in boxes with the frame of the bed. When the whole bed is built you can hold the headboard and shake it and the entire bed shakes. It’s not sturdy and doesn’t feel very safe to sleep on. I have been in touch with Diamond Furniture about this and they’ve said they’re sending someone to look at the bed so hopefully this will fix the problem. We’ve moved the bed into our spare room for the moment and we’ll decide after Diamond Furniture come to fix it if we’re going to keep it there or just sell it.

After being so disappointed with the bed I was determined to still have the bedroom I planned in my head. I know it might seem a silly thing but James and I worked hard to save and buy this house, so I want it decorated exactly the way we want. After a few days searching I came across Lawlor’s Furniture and Flooring website and was so happy to see they had the perfect bed. It’s very similar to a bed I seen in Diamond Furniture but I wasn’t happy to spend more money with them. In the end we bought the Pembroke Bed in 5ft King size and I couldn’t be happier. It is the most amazing luxury bed with a cream linen style fabric with button detailing on the headboard. It fits with the style of the room perfectly. What impressed me even more was how quick the service was from Lawlor’s Furniture. I bought the bed last Tuesday and it came this Tuesday, 7 days later. For furniture deliveries that is such a quick turnaround time!

Of course I wanted the bed made as soon as I got home from work so James and I got stuck into building it. With the two of us we figured out the instructions and had it built with no drama. We were halfway through and could already tell with was so much more sturdy than the original bed we bought. It fits in with the plan I had for our room perfectly and I can’t wait to get a throw and cushions to style it up a bit more.

The mattress we bought for the bed is the Emma mattress in standard Kind Size and it is the comfiest thing I have ever slept on. Between this and the gorgeous bed frame, I can’t wait to go to bed in the evenings.


I am planning to add to the master bedroom over the coming months but for now it’s perfect. It’s exactly the calm and relaxing space I wanted to escape to at the end of the day. I still haven’t decided if I want to wallpaper or panel the wall behind the bed but I know I’ll figure it out after more time spent in the room. Lawlor’s furniture have some really nice drawer units in their Marven range so these might be next on my list. If any of you have any ideas, be sure to let me know in the comments!

Thanks For Reading!