New Year, New Skincare!

When I started my blog one of the first posts I did was of my very basic skincare routine. Every girl has their own routine and way of doing things and at the time it worked perfect for me. As you may have picked up, lately I’ve been suffering from really dry skin so I decided it was time to re-evaluate what I was doing.
I noticed that although I was cleansing and moisturising every day, I had gotten lazy and was not looking after my skin the way I need to. So in the spirit of the ‘new year, new me’ BS that everyone is harping on about, I’ve decided to pay a lot more attention to looking after my skin!
Whilst I’ve always used pretty good products, with a closer look at the ingredients I realised some of them just didn’t cut it. Containing water isn’t enough to make something hydrating. At the moment I need a serious moisture boost so I set out looking for products that contained hyaluronic acid/hydraluron. This magic ingredient is said to help your skin absorb 1000 times more moisture so this is a must have for me!
Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at what your doing or using! After only a few weeks of really stepping it up I’ve already noticed a massive difference. My skin feels nourished and healthy and the dry flakey patches that haunted me every day have started to disappear.
Here’s a quick run down of my new routine;


Every morning I start off by cleaning the surface dirt off my face. For this I use either a cream cleanser or a micellar water cleanser. I prefer using a cream cleanser as it feels so luxurious on the skin but if I’m in a hurry I use my micellar water as its a little quicker. I tend to lean more towards the micellar water for removing makeup as it just glides off the skin.
I then move on to a slightly deeper clean by using a product that will get into my pores and try de-gunk them! I love using the Clinique ‘Take the Day Off’ balm for this but it’s not a relatively cheap product so I’m currently searching for a budget version that I like.



So we’re supposed to exfoliate our skin every day. For me, that’s just not realistic. I only exfoliate my skin every 2nd day as I find constant exfoliation just a little too rough, and also I like those extra five minutes in bed! I tend to wait until I’m in the shower before I start using exfoliators as, honestly, they can be messy. I use a charcoal scrub for my face so the last thing I need are little black pieces of charcoal falling onto my clothes or stuck in my hair. I also love to use my Olay Regenerist cleansing brush. I’m sure you’ve seen many bloggers raving about the Clarisonic face cleansing brush and I’m sure they’re amazing but I just don’t have over ?200 to spend on an over-sized toothbrush for my face. The Olay brush, as far as I can tell from using it, does the same job.



After my cleansing routine I apply my serum. A serum is a concentrated dose of the active ingredients you find in your moisturiser. When serums first came on the market I was put off by the price you pay for what seems like a tiny bottle. But the difference between your serum and your moisturiser is that as they are more concentrated, you use a lot less so they actually last pretty long. The main thing to look out for is the ingredients, ensure your getting a serum that contains a high amount of the active ingredient it is advertising. I tend to choose a serum that is going to hydrate my skin so I am always checking that whatever serum I try, contains an ingredient that will actually hydrate such as hyaluron, vitamin C, glycolic acid or lactic acid.



If you are using a serum, always apply a moisturiser afterwards. This helps to seal in the good that your serum has done and help it keep working. Your moisturiser should do exactly what it says it should, moisturise. The same thing goes for this as for your serum, check the ingredients and make sure your not being mislead by the packaging. One thing to look out for is alcohol in the ingredients list, the alcohol will literally undo whatever good the active ingredients are doing.


Facial oils are relatively new to me. One thing I do know is that they feel amazing and your skin will thank you for it. If you cant get used to putting on an oil at the end of your daytime routine, try using one at night. As I have dry skin I apply mine morning and night, and believe me, my skin has thanked me for it. One thing to note is that oil isn’t really the best base to apply makeup on, if you are planning on painting your face, mix your oil with your moisturiser and apply them both at the same time. They will soak into the skin together and once you use a primer you wont have any trouble with your makeup.
Every night, I repeat my morning skincare routine but I leave out the exfoliation step. Whilst I use the same routine, I change the products a little. The reason there are skincare products aimed for use at night is that they are much richer and can take longer to soak in. I love waking up the next morning and seeing how amazing my skin looks after its ‘beauty sleep’!

So there you have it, a breakdown of what I do every day to try keep my skin in the condition it should be. Now I’m not gonna lie, there’s days that I literally can’t get out of bed in the morning for work and run out the door without brushing my hair, never mind doing a full ‘routine’! My only hope is that by putting in a bit of extra time that night, I make up for it…
Thanks for reading and let me know what works for you! If you want a complete breakdown of the products I use let me know and I’ll post them on my Instagram and Facebook

– Megan