New In Beauty | Products I Won’t Be Buying

So many brands have released new products over the past month. This is a trend we are going to continue to see over the next few months, especially in the run up to Christmas. There are so many new products being released and I just can’t get behind the hype for some of them.

I just can’t justify spending my money on some of the newer releases. Check them out below, and more importantly, find out why!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette

Since the news of this palette arrived months ago it has been surrounded in controversy. With an image of it being leaked online, I didn’t know what to think. The lead image was terrible quality and did nothing for the palette. Fast forward to know and the palette is again the centre of controversy, for a much bigger issue… Terrible reviews have popped up everywhere detailing how bad the quality is. Apparently ABH changed supplier or production and the eyeshadows haven’t been pressed into the pan properly. This leads to massive fallout for each eyeshadow and so much wasted product. Whilst ABH have said the problem is being fixed and are offering replacements, I just don’t think I’m willing to part with my cash for it. Overall the shades in the palette don’t grab my attention, and I can’t be bothered with having to deal with returning it if I get a dud.

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe

Jaclyn Hill is no stranger to controversy when it comes to her collections. Her collection with Becca last year was slammed for being extremely poor quality, especially considering the high price point of the brand. Her most recent palette, a collection of 35 eyeshadows created with Morphe, hasn’t managed to make me swoon. Jaclyn has been a long time promoter of Morphe, despite the brand being constantly hit out at for being white-labelled. I just don’t think I can believe the claims that these eyeshadows were formulated by Jaclyn and the brand itself. Whilst $38 isn’t expensive for 35 eyeshadows, I think I’d rather spend it elsewhere.

KKW Beauty Contour Sticks

I’ve heard very mixed reviews about Kim Kardashians first beauty release. Her choice of releasing a contour stick definitely fits with her crown of Contour Queen. Whilst they look good, I love the packaging, and the product seems relatively good quality. I just can’t get over the price. The kit comes with a brush and two double ended contour sticks for $48 which works out at €40.87. Now granted your getting two contour shades, two highlight shades and a brush. My issue is the cost of getting it to Ireland, when you add the $16 shipping and potential customs charges, the cost of getting KKW Contour Sticks is at least €70! I don’t know about you but I just can’t validate paying €70 for contour sticks. I love my Smashbox Contour kit and it cost half that!

My Little Pony x Colourpop

Is anyone else getting fed up of the rainbows and unicorns trend that has taken over the past few months. I love Colourpop as a brand and think the quality of their products is amazing. Their liquid lipsticks are some of my favourites and I have quite the collection! I just have no interest in this collection though. I’m not a three year old playing with makeup, I don’t need to see multicoloured horses and pretty rainbows! Whilst I might buy this for my eight your old cousin, I won’t be adding any My Little Pony makeup to my collection.

I know I’ll probably see loads more products over the coming weeks that I’m not impressed with. Sometimes brands just don’t get it right, in my opinion! Let me know if you want to see another post like this and I’ll start making my list! On a lighter note, keep an eye out next week for a blog on all the products I’m dying to get my hands on. It’s a long list!

Thanks For Reading!