My Skincare Routine

I thought I would do a post showing you all what i’ve been using on my skin lately. My routine is always pretty much the same but I like to try out new products every now and then. Especially when I feel my skin isn’t acting the way it normally does! So here are the products I’ve been using lately. Some are age old favourites and some are new (to me).
Lancome Galatee Confort cleanser

Lancome Galatee Confort Cleansing Milk – ?27 for 200ml

I will always use a good cleanser and toner on my face. I feel there is no point using all these miracle creams unless your skin is clean first! I love using the Lancome Galatee Confort Cleansing Milk for Dry Skin. No matter what I do I think I will always suffer from dry skin! It really can be a nightmare and a lot of products out there contain horrible ingredients that just strip the moisture from my skin and make it even dryer. I like to use products specifically for dry skin as they really help add moisture. I have tried so many cleansing milk’s and really dislike most of them. I find some can leave your skin feeling sticky and like you’ve a layer on your face. I was recommended this last Christmas and I love it! I use it every day and it has done wonders for my skin. I use this without fail every morning to clean my face and I also use it for taking off my makeup. Whilst I find it great for removing most of my makeup it just isn’t strong enough for mascara. I like to use an oil based cleanser to take off my eye makeup as it can be quite stubborn to remove. This leaves my skin feeling so clean and soft and also really hydrated and I would definitely recommend trying this.
Naobay toner

NAOBAY Calming Face Toner – ?10.22 for 200ml

I received this product in one of the latest Glossyboxes, I think it was the June box I’m not 100% sure though. I’ve been trying it out since its arrival and I’m still not sure if I like it or not. It’s one of them products that is grand to use when you have it there, but if it runs out your not running to the shop to repurchase! Whilst I do think its a good facial toner I think there is slightly better out there. Now don’t get me wrong, it does exactly what it says on the tin, but I’m just not in love with it. I think part of the reason is that I do have really dry skin and I find this undoes some the good work the Lancome cleanser does. It is great however at removing stubborn makeup so I think if you have oily-normal skin this would be great for you. I have previously used the Clinique toner and also the Lancome Galatee Confort Toner and find them much better products. It is affordable enough for ?10.22 and can be bought on I’d love to hear from anyone who’s tried this, have you had the same experience? I’ve read really good reviews online so it shows what suits one doesn’t suit all!
Noxi doxi serum

Noxidoxi Enhancing Serum Base – ?39.90 for 30ml

So this is a sample size of the Noxidoxi enhancing serum base that Glossybox had as part of the July Vive la France box. I love it! This product is amazing on the skin and I will definitely be purchasing the full size, when I have a spare ?40 that is.. So noxidoxi say this will protect your skin from our harmful environment, I think that is a load of crap to be honest. I don’t think there is any miracle cream out there that can stop the effects of pollution, second-hand smoke etc on the skin. This does however intensely hydrate the skin and feels amazing.I think it does what it should and it does it really well.. According to noxidoxi “The CRC6? moisturising complex keeps the surface of your skin well-moisturised while at the same time penetrating deep down to hydrate the skin cells.” As for the claim that it will “defend my skin from the outside world”, I suppose only time will tell!

Vichy Aqualia thermal

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Moisturiser – ?21.99 for 50ml

I have used Vichy on and off for a few years as I always picked it up for a decent price when shopping in France. I recently started using the new Aqualia Thermal Moisturiser from the new range which claims to give “24hr moisture to sensitive and dehydrated skin”. I am really liking this product and I will definitely be buying another jar. Its so light on the skin but you still get that moisturised feeling. It is non-greesy and a little goes a long way. It contains Vichy Thermal spa water and hyaluronic acid which is an amazing ingredient and helps infuse moisture into the skin. I really like how hydrated my skin is after using this and highly recommend it to anyone with normal – dry skin.
monuspa rosewood face mist

MONUSPA Rosewood Reviving Mist – ?11.95 for 100ml

The bottle pictured is actually the sample size of this product, I like to keep this in my handbag so that I have it with me during the day. The Monuspa Reviving Mist is basically a face mist that acts as a pick me up for tired/dull skin throughout the day. It has a gorgeous blend of essential oils that act to make the skin feel really refreshed. I work in healthcare so wearing makeup on a 12 hour shift would be ridiculous. I love giving my face a spray of this throughout the day to help revive my skin. For those that do wear makeup everyday, this can actually be sprayed over makeup and acts as a setting spray!
Have you tried any of these products and what do you think? Is there a product you think beats any of these, I’d love to hear about it! Don’t forget, we are all different and the same goes for our skin. There is some products that might work for one person and not for the next.
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– Megan x