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My Experience of the Irish Beauty Show

As a lot of you may know, last weekend the Irish Beauty Show was on in the RDS Dublin. This is a pretty big event held every year and it never disappoints! The Beauty Show is a trade event and so is advertised more towards beauticians, hairdressers, nail technicians and makeup artists but admittance is available for the general public but you have to pay to enter. Obviously as you all know I have no qualifications within the beauty industry I just have a special love for it. I have gone to the show without fail for the last three years so this was my fourth show.
As I’ve gone to this event before I had a plan set out for this years show. It can be very easy if you’ve never gone before to get overwhelmed with all the stands and end up buying things you realistically don’t need or will never use. For me, it’s a great opportunity to check out brands you may have seen online but want to see in person before committing to a purchase or to find new brands you haven’t heard of before. I always use this opportunity to stock up on makeup brushes as there can be some great discounts.

There were quite a few pieces that I have wanted to try out for a long time so I put a little bit of money aside in January and February for the show so I could pick up everything I wanted! I think if your going to an event like this the best thing to do is plan ahead. I logged onto the Beauty Show website to see who would be there this year and I listed all the stands I wanted to visit. From there I was able to visit the websites of all the different brands and see what products I wanted to pick up and how much everything would cost. I then went on to list everything I wanted to buy and what the price was, can you tell I’m big into lists! Obviously there is discounts on the day but I find by planning for the products original cost, I know exactly what I’d be spending and if some of the things I want turn out to be cheaper I then have the money to pick up something I see that I haven’t budgeted for.
To some all my lists may seem silly but I just know from previous years that if I don’t go in with an idea of what I want, I end up blowing my money on the first things that catch my eye and walk out without getting what I wanted in the first place! So here is my list of stands that I wanted to visit:
AYU Makeup
Buff & Blend
Fuschia Makeup
Crown Brush
Paese Cosmetics
Celtic Candles
Makeup Revolution

I was working on Sunday night so I went to the show on Monday morning when I finished which was great because the crowds hadn’t showed up yet so I could walk around and get everything I wanted before the mobs. I visited all the stands on my list and the only one I didn’t buy from was Fuschia because I actually bought makeup from them last month and I still have two weeks until pay day!

Have a look below at the products I ended up buying and keep an eye out for reviews on all in the coming weeks!

Paese Artist Rice Powder (?12)
Makeup Revolution Lipstick (?1.50) & Salvation Velvet lip laquer (?4.50)
Cailyn BB Fluid Touch Compact in Porcelain (?24.50)
Celtic Candles Medium Pop Jar Pink Grapefruit & Champagne scent (?15.99)
Crown Brush C310 DLX. Soft Fan (?8) & SS027 DLX. Blending Crease (?7)
Buff & Blend BB05 Angled Powder Brush (?12)
AYU Pencil Brush (?5) & AYU Angled Eyeliner Brush (?5)
A good few of the products I bought were discounted at the show so I made savings compared to having to buy online. These are all products I have read good reviews on and so I wanted to try out for myself. By going to the show I was able to get a much better idea of each product before buying, especially when trying to choose my shade for the BB Cream (the shade I was going to purchase from their website was too dark for me)! Obviously I will be testing out these products and letting you all know how I got on.
One thing to note about the Beauty Show is that this was the first year visitors had to pay for entry to the show. For the last few years I was able to register online and would get sent out my free ticket. That is no longer an option unless you have a VIP code given to you by one of the retailers at the show or you are a professional and can send them a copy of your certificate. The tickets for this year were priced at ?20 if you buy in advance or ?30 if you pay on the day. However if you keep an eye on the Irish Beauty Show Facebook page leading up to the event they run a lot of one-day discounts and special offers on ticket prices, I managed to get mine for ?5! Honestly I think if I had to pay the full whack ticket price, I wouldn’t have gone as any savings your making at the show, your losing in entrance costs.

I hope I have given you a good idea of what the show is all about and if it is worth going to or not. I’m really glad I went as it gave me an excuse to go shopping and technically I’m saving money instead of buying online… Well that’s what I tell myself anyway!

Have a great day everyone and if you’ve any questions or would like to know more just drop a comment below or on any of my social media!

– Megan x