My 2018 Goals

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We’re two weeks into 2018 now and I have been spending a lot of time looking back over the past year and also planning for the year a head.

I’m sure you have seen plenty of blogs and videos over the past week with people giving their 2018 resolutions. I don’t really believe in resolutions and prefer to set goals for myself that are achievable and realistic.

Last year I did a blog with my goals for 2017 which you can read here. Whilst I love to set goals for myself I am not hung up if I do not get to achieve some of them. I do find it is important to set goals for yourself and it’s something that I like doing every year. I find this encourages me to learn more be my best.

By having goals and things I want to achieve, I push myself more to do whatever I can to get what I want. Nothing comes easy and you have to work hard to be successful, have holidays and nice things, a lesson that was drilled into me as a kid. I take this with me every time I want to achieve something or experience something new. If I want it enough, I can do the work needed to get it. 2018 goals


2017 was an incredible but tough year for me with a lot of changes and different experiences. Within the year of 2017 I had three different jobs with a period of unemployment between the last two. I don’t believe in always looking back at the negatives and dwelling on them and so I’m looking at the last year and all the positive things I have achieved.

Between having three different jobs with very different job descriptions I found I have learnt so much and grown professionally and I’m now in a place that I want to be in and feel excited about moving forward. I had so many plans for the blog last year and whilst I did not achieve some of them I am still so proud of how far I have come.

One of the goals I had set for myself was to set up a YouTube channel and start posting videos. This was a big leap for me as I can be quite anxious and self-conscious, especially in front of the camera. Whilst I did not get fully comfortable in front of the camera, I managed to create two YouTube videos which I am very proud of. I’m hoping to be able to build from these and improve my videos in 2018.

I do plan to have a lot more video content this year. Video content as become so important and I am working on myself to become more comfortable putting my face out there and putting myself in front of the camera so that I can talk about what inspires me and the make up and beauty products that I am loving.

I had set myself a blogging schedule of at least two post per week for 2017. Whilst to most this is completely achievable goal however at times I felt myself struggling for inspiration. I had to take a step back and re-evaluate why I was blogging and what made me love blogging in the first place. I took the pressure off myself to try and have two new posts every week and eventually found that I got my blogging Mojo back.


By taking the pressure off myself to have two posts a week it meant I could take the time to write, create the content that I loved and talk about things that I really want to talk about. I am taking that lesson into 2018.

Whilst I am aiming to have one to two new blog posts every week I am also conscious that I do not want to churn out blog posts for the sake of it. I want to talk and write about what I like, the experiences I’m having and the products I’m testing out.

A more personal goal that I have for myself for this year is to try and lose some weight. I know in January everyone is talking about dieting and fitness plans. For me it is more a coincidence that it is January and I am deciding to lose a bit of weight than it is that I am hopping on the bandwagon.

Last year I tried to put a bit more effort into getting fitter and more comfortable body weight. After working so hard, towards the end of the year I managed to put on all the weight that I had lost. This year I want to become more comfortable with my body and for me part of that is losing a little bit of weight for myself not for how others view me. I plan on taking it easy and gradually building up my fitness whilst eating healthy and I will definitely not be doing any crazy fad diets. For me it is all about eating healthy and having little treats but in moderation as opposed to the Christmas gorge that has happened over the past month.

I’ve set myself a goal of reading a new book every month for 2018. I used to read so much but lately I’ve found I never pick up a book because I’m spending so much time flicking through Facebook and Instagram instead. I’ve just finished reading Oh My God, What A Complete Aisling and I loved it. Next on my list is Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House. I’ve heard so much about it and it’s sure to be a really interesting read. I’m hoping that by choosing to read more, it will help me to switch off from social media and take a much needed break in the evenings.

Another thing I want to do this year and it is something that I say every year, is travel more. This was something that I wanted for 2017 and whilst I didn’t get to visit all the places I had planned I did get to see some great parts of Ireland and also have two amazing holidays. I got to travel to Menorca and also got to visit Bulgaria – a place with such different culture and I was glad I got to experience.

2018 Goals

This year James and I have a trip to Amsterdam booked for his Birthday next month and Paris planned for my birthday in April. We are also in the process of planning our summer holiday too. Unfortunately I have not won the lotto and I can’t afford to jet off to the Maldives just yet but I know I need beach and sun before the year is out! Every holiday we plan is so carefully budgeted and we scrimp and save throughout the year to allow us to visit amazing places.

I’m really looking forward to 2018 and all that it will bring. More importantly I am looking forward to learning more and progressing in my job whilst being able to visit some fabulous places around the world during the year.

I hope you have an amazing year too, here’s to a great 2018!

Thanks For Reading!