Massive Primark Haul!

So last week I went shopping in Penneys, Primark if your in the UK or America, but I’ll call it Primark throughout this blog. I had planned on only picking up a few key pieces but, as we all know, that never works in Primark! I got sucked in and ended up with a basket which had a lot more in it then originally planned.
I have a pretty big collection of dressy clothes, shoes and bags but my wardrobe is lacking in everyday pieces so thats what I went in for.
The first things I picked up were these t-shirts for just ?3 each. Every Primark I’ve ever been in always has a few tables laid out with t-shirts and vest tops which I will always check out as they’re so cheap.
These tops aren’t the best of quality they will stretch/shrink and fall apart after a few washes but for me I don’t mind because of the price. They had a big selection with different colours and designs but I just thought these two were simple and cute.
I also picked up these two tops which were ?5 each and I thought they would look so nice with jeans or shorts now that the weather is getting a little warmer. I love the little crochet detail on the sleeves!
I love Primark jeans and these are what I knew I wanted to pick up when I was going in. I needed some new black jeans so I picked up some ripped black skinnies. I have another pair of these in dark denim and they are so comfy!
skinny jeans
These high waisted grey skinnies will look so nice in the summer and were only ?11! I don’t think I will ever have enough blue denim jeans, they’re such a wardrobe staple and for ?17 you can’t go wrong. They will look so good with the denim shirt below tucked in! The shirt was ?11 and has long sleeves and pearlised buttons, I think it looks better with the sleeves rolled up though.

Primark leggings and footsies

The last clothing bits I picked up were this pair of black leggings for ?4 and two packs of “footsies” which are so handy for wearing with runners. I hate wearing runners without socks but at the same time I hate being able to see the socks so these are perfect and are only ?4.50 per pack.
Primark beauty haul
I love the Garnier moisturisers, they’re cheap but they work and this was only ?4.50 which is perfect for an everyday moisturiser. Manicure gloves are a lifesaver when my dermatitis is acting up, I put these on over a good soaking of one of my favourite hand creams. The only hair bobbles I use are the Invisibobble, I’m going to give these Primark ones a try though, at ?1.50 for 12 they’re a lot cheaper than the originals. If you’ve noticed in any of my Instagram pictures, I never really switch up my earrings so its always handy to have a pack of simple diamonte studs (?1.50). I’m so happy to see the beauty section in Primark is ever expanding with not only their own branded items but some really great named products like Duo Eyelash glue (?5.50).
Primark collage
The only problem I have with the Primark jeans is the sizing. For me, a size 10 is too tight but the 12 is slightly too big just on the waist. I seem to be a size 11, if only that was a thing! This black belt with silver hardware was just ?3 and they also have a brown version. The rest of the items are all the last minute bits I picked up on the way to the till, I did need all of these I swear! If you’r in Primark I’d definitely recommend picking up Zoella’s Let’s Spritz body mist, it smells amazing but is being discontinued really soon. If you suffer from dry skin, the Primark ?1.50 Moisture Masks are a nice treat. The Batiste dry shampoo (?1.65) is one of the best out there and a girl can never have too many hair clips (?1.50)! I bought a new pair of Ted Baker sunglasses last month so I picked up a sunglasses pouch for ?2 to protect them when I throw them into my handbag.
Primark Nail Polish
How pretty are these nail polishes! I love having bright nails thought the summer. I’m interested to see how long the Gel effect polish lasts, for only ?2 I’m not overly ambitious but even still the colours are pretty.
Primark notebook and pencils
I firmly believe that one can never have too much stationary. It also helps when it looks cute too! The leaf print gives a summery feel to this A5 notebook (?2) and I couldn’t leave these pastel pencils behind, they were only ?1.30 for the pack of 5!
As you can see I spent a lot of money in Primark, way more than intended! I really love going into Penneys every month to see what new items they have. If you’d like to see more Penneys/Primark hauls let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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