March Favourites

March Favourites

Honestly I think March has been such a long month! It just dragged on for me… I spent the whole month working night shifts so it has got to the stage that I can’t wait for it to be over. I’m so happy to be writing this as it means that finally the month is ending. As I haven’t been out much this month I did’t get a chance to really try a lot of new (to me) products or fall back in love with any old ones but the following five are the few that I really enjoyed over the past few weeks…

Becca Champagne pop

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop

I got this as a present from my parents at Christmas and I loved it the minute I tried it but unfortunately for me I broke it very soon after… I was able to fix all of my broken powders, including this, which gave me a chance to try it out properly. Now that I’ve been able to use this I can safely say this is a must have for any makeup lover! It is a gorgeous light gold shimmer that catches the light so beautifully. Becca is well known for having gorgeous highlighters and this collaboration with beauty guru Jaclyn Hill is literally to die for! I have a box full of other highlighters that I love but I find myself reaching for this every time I’m doing my makeup. This highlighter gives me such an incredible glow and if this is anything to go by I will definitely be buying more highlighters from Becca!

Benefit They're Real Primer
Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Lash Primer

Normally I love using a mascara that will add volume to my lashes as they are already pretty long. This product however has blown me away. I always thought that because my lashes are long there is no point trying to add more length, I was wrong! This primer gives my lashes a really thin and natural looking coat of product that is extremely lengthening and slightly volumising. When I put my favourite mascara on after using this the effect is stunning. I think Benefit have really hit the nail on the head with this product and I can see myself purchasing this over and over again. I’m so glad this is in brown and not black because if I’m having a no makeup day I can pop a layer of this on to define my lashes without having to use mascara. I tried getting a photo of my lashes to show the difference when I have this on but my camera just doesn’t do it justice. I will definitely keep trying though so keep an eye on Instagram for the picture when I eventually get it right!

MAC Ellie Goulding

MAC x Ellie Goulding ‘Only You’ Lipstick

I love MAC lipsticks but I honestly don’t have many of them at all. I am steadily growing my collection and for the moment if I’m spending ?20 on a lipstick I want it to be a shade that is very wearable. I went into MAC looking for a new lippie and was immediately drawn to this as the shade is exactly what I was looking for. Honestly I wasn’t pushed on buying a collection I just wanted a pink or nude that I know I could wear a lot, especially coming into the Spring. This is a cream sheen lipstick that feels very luxurious on the lips and is has a gorgeous pink/coral shade. This is a shade I know I will get a lot of wear out of in the Spring and Summer. As this is a slightly muted pink and not overly bold, this is a shade that should suit almost everyone!

Lollipops lip balm

Lollipops Paris D?licieuse Lip Balm

This product was introduced to me by Glossybox a few months back and I have not stopped using it! It is a thick lip balm that feels so creamy on the lips and gives them a really nice glossy look. Unlike a lot of lip balms this does not make my lips go sticky at all and instead makes them feel moisturised and nourished. It is enriched with natural oils and antioxidants to help repair and protect the lips. One thing I can get picky about is the scent of a product that I’m putting on my lips. I can’t stand a lot of fruity or bubblegum flavoured balms as they can be too sickly sweet. This is scented with just a hint of vanilla, enough that it gives a really nice smell but not so much that I feel a headache coming on! The packaging is a really simple tube with an angled applicator top and I just think it looks so pretty.

eye masks
Penneys (Primark) Eye Masks

Anyone that knows me will know I love my sleep. Honestly if I can stay in bed all day, I will! When I lived with my parents, my room had blackout blinds and blackout curtains so I got used to sleeping in the pitch dark. When I moved out I soon realised that landlords don’t bother paying for blackout blinds because, well, they don’t have to sleep in the property! This became a big issue when I started working night shifts because I need to be able to sleep during the day. I can’t go off buying expensive blinds for a house that isn’t mine so I found myself looking on eBay for eye masks. I bought two really cheap ones for myself and James and thought they were great until I spotted these eye masks in Penneys. I picked up one to see if I liked it and found myself going back and getting two more. These are so soft on the inside which makes them really easy to wear over the eyes. They all have really strong elastics so that they stay on your head but not so tight that they hurt. And the best thing, they give me the darkness I need to sleep. Don’t worry if you’ve never worn a mask before, I thought I would hate having something over my eyes and now I’m on constant lookout for more. These are a godsend to me and now I can’t sleep without them, for only ?2.50 each I would definitely recommend picking these up if you like to sleep in darkness!

I love doing a favourites post every month but I did find it really hard this month! When I sat down to start writing this I really had to wrack my brain to think of what to put in. These were the only products that really stuck with me and have made me excited to keep playing around with over the next few weeks. I’m not sure if you can tell in the picture but my lip balm is almost out which shows just how much I relied on that (please send on any suggestions of others to try out). I think if I had to choose an overall favourite this month it would definitely be the eye masks, I know I could not have slept as well as I did this month without them… If you buy anything from this list, let it be one of these!

Thanks for reading!

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