James and I headed into town about two weeks back to have a little look around the shops, we didn’t spend long but I still managed to come home laden with bags! You may have seen me say on Twitter that it was my birthday this month so I felt it was only right that I treat myself.

I’m not really a bath person but I really wanted to find a new way to relax so I popped into LUSH in Dublin to pick up some of their bath products. Whenever I see one of these shops I can’t help but go in and buy something. The smell just lures me in and I don’t want to go home without taking some of it with me!

The first thing I picked up was the Sakura bath bomb which was described as being “a celebration of spring, bursting into a floral fragrance” and contains mimosa, jasmine oil, lemon oil and orange flower. I was immediately drawn to this from its amazing scent. Although it does look pretty it does pale in comparison when compared to the colour schemes of some of the other bath bombs.

The next bath bomb I picked up was Intergalactic. This would have to be one of LUSH’s best selling products and one I have yet to try. I was so impressed when the sales assistant dropped this into a bowl of water, it was like art for your bath! I haven’t tried this yet but I’m intrigued to find out what popping candy feels like in a bath…

Sex Bomb was the last bath bomb I got. This has a lovely floral scent and contains Jasmine which is an aphrodisiac, and not the reason I bought it! If I see something pretty I am immediately attracted so I couldn’t leave without this. It gives your bath a gorgeous pink/purple colour and your left with petals floating around you. A win-win in my eyes!


I’m really bad at applying body cream after I shower. I know I need to but by the time I’ve finished drying my hair I couldn’t be arsed waiting for a cream to soak in so I can get dressed. I’m a big fan of products that help moisturise my skin with as little effort as possible so I picked up Razzle Dazzle and You’ve Been Mangoed to help soften my skin whilst I lie back and relax. I love anything with mango in it so the minute I seen this it was a sure thing. Razzle Dazzle attracted the magpie within me and I can’t wait to try out this glittering raspberry oil.

The last of the bath products I bought was a pink Pop in the Bath bubble bar. I think you can see the theme going on here, almost everything is pink, so I needed bubbles to match! This has a nice citrus scent so it goes perfectly with the Sakura bath bomb.

My skin can be somewhat sensitive at times so I love how everything in LUSH contains only natural ingredients and is completely vegan friendly. I’ve picked up a few face masks from here before and have never been disappointed so I asked the sales assistant to help me pick out a mask that would help to really hydrate my skin. I can’t remember the guys name but he was insanely helpful. He sat me down and tried out a few different masks on my hands and explained the differences between them and what skin types etc each one suits. I decided to go with Oatifix as it nourishes and moisturises dry skin which was exactly what I wanted. I have normal skin with some dehydrated patches so I always lean towards super moisturising products to combat them. Of all the LUSH masks this is the only one that won’t dry on the skin. This means that you can leave it on for the recommended 15 minutes or if your like me, until you want to take it off. I like to apply this and sit down and watch something on Netflix so it will be on for about 45 minutes! Originally I didn’t think I would like this as it contains banana, one fruit I’m really not a fan of, but I didn’t mind it in this as the mask itself works wonders.

It’s unbelievably hard to write about LUSH products as they’re something you just need to experience. I don’t think they’ll ever produce something I don’t like as I’m a sucker for the amazing colours and scents. Even if your like me and aren’t big into baths, you need to try some bath bombs from here, you’ll soon realise how amazing they can be!

If you have any favourites from LUSH be sure to let me know so I can try them out, I’m already planning another trip!

– Megan x