Keeping My Teeth Clean With PD Dental

One question I get asked a lot is do I think teeth whitening is worth the money. Teeth whitening has been around for years but it still seems to be a process a lot of people don’t know a lot of information about.

Teeth are so important to me. It might sound bad to say but I immediately notice a person’s teeth when I meet them for the first time. Having good teeth makes such a difference.

My mum is probably the reasoning behind my obsession with teeth. When I was 12 I was brought straight to the orthodontist to get fitted for braces and over three years later I finally had perfect straight teeth.

After going through years of wearing train-track braces, trying to keep my teeth in good condition has become so important to me. However my teeth over the last few months had got into a bad condition and I found I had some plague build up that brushing just wouldn’t get rid of. PD Dental invited me to come in and get a scale and polish along with laser teeth whitening. When they got in touch I was delighted as I had been planning to make a trip to the dentist anyway.

PD Dental Surgery Room

I popped in after work for an evening appointment and the team were so welcoming on arrival. After filling out the necessary paperwork, I went into the dental surgery room to have my teeth examined. I already knew I had some plague and tartare. Dr. Reka informed me it looked like I was brushing my teeth wrong which wasn’t helping the situation.

She got straight to work cleaning my teeth. I think this is what scares some people. For me, getting my teeth cleaned is not painful at all. I know a lot of people are scared that the instruments will hurt but it really is more of a weird sensation in your mouth than a painful experience. I always have the end goal in mind and I know in the end I’ll be glad of getting the procedure done.

After getting the plague and tartare removed, Dr. reek moved on to polishing my teeth. Basically this is putting a putty-like substance on to the tooth and buffing it in This helps remove stains further and protect the teeth in the future. I know my terminology is more than likely not right here but this is what it feels like anyway. Again it’s not painful at all and I kind of like the taste of the ‘putty’! I love getting a scale and polish done, my teeth feel so clean after and I’m definitely going to make more of an effort to keep up regular appointments.


Lastly we moved on to whitening my teeth. The procedure for this is very simple but some can find it uncomfortable. You put a big plastic gum opener into your mouth which holds back gums and exposes the teeth so they can be whitened. Next a gel is applied to the teeth followed by an activating agent. The last part of the process is the laser light. This helps speed up the activation of the whitening gel, making your teeth whitening quicker.

This is done in three to four fifteen minute sessions. after the first fifteen minutes the laser light is removed and the excess gel and saliva is suctioned away. More gel is applied to the teeth and then the laser light is put back on for another fifteen minutes. It is a pretty simple process and not painful at all. If you want more information on what is involved in teeth whitening you can read up here.


The hardest thing about it all for me was that for a minimum of 48 hours I couldn’t drink tea or have any foods that could cause staining. I am an obsessive tea drinker, my OH calls it an addiction. So not being able to drink tea for two days was a killer, but worth it in the long run.

I completely forgot to take a before photo before going in to get my teeth done. After the whole process my teeth were around three to four shades lighter and I have to say, almost a month later I’m still obsessed with them. They are still so white after getting them done and it is a procedure I would recommend to everyone. The team in PD Dental were amazing and the service was exceptional. I’ve been recommending them to so many people since and I know I’ll definitely be returning to them in a few months for another scale and polish.

Thanks for reading!

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