How To Keep Your Hair Healthy This Winter

With the cold drop in temperatures, winter can be tough on your hair. Add to that the damage we do to it ourselves from styling it everyday, it is hard to keep your hair healthy.
If you’re like me and colour you hair, this can dry hair out more than usual. As you may have seen, I teamed up with Wayne Webster Hair earlier this year to transform my hair. It had become so drab and lacklustre, it really needed a change.
I’ve tried to make more of an effort since to take care of my hair. I thought it would be good to share some of his hair tips with you, to help keep your hair healthy this winter.

Wayne’s Top Tips

  • When washing your hair try not to have to the water too hot. The hot water can dry out your hair further and cause your colour to fade quicker, definitely not what you want! When the water is too hot it can also make your hair greasy quicker after washing.


  • Wayne recommends getting a really good hair treatment to keep your hair hydrated. Whilst we should be conditioning the ends of hair after shampooing, a treatment helps give extra nourishment and hydration. You can get great treatments done in the salon or get ones that you can use at home.


  • Try not to wash your hair everyday. Your scalp has it’s own natural oils which help keep hair healthy and in good condition. By washing your hair everyday, your removing these natural oils from you hair. This in turn makes your hair greasier quicker as your body is trying to make more oils to make up for what is being removed everyday.
Another thing I would recommend is getting your hair cut regularly. By cutting your hair every six weeks or so, it removes split ends. This stops your hair from breaking and will lead to longer, healthier hair in the long run.
Wayne has recommended some products which will help keep your hair healthy this winter, check them out below. Wayne uses all Precious Nature products, which are completely natural and smell seriously amazing!

Precious Nature Shampoo

Made from 100% Natural Ingredients & free from Sulfates, Parabens, Parafins, Mineral oils, Synthetic Dyes & Allergens.

For Coloured Hair – Almond & Pistachio

This is the ultimate regimen to maximise colour protection for prolonged vibrancy and colour duration. It increases colour intensity by 25% after 12 washes on coloured hair.

Curly & Wavy Hair – Grape & Lavender

The perfect routine to achieve impeccably defined curls and waves without weighting the hair down. Increases curl definition by 15% for up to 3 days.

Long & Straight – Prickly Pear & Orange

The Ideal recipe for smooth and incredibly soft hair. This range leaves the hair soft and light whilst enhancing hair radiance from roots to tips.

Thirsty Hair – Berries & Apple

The Berry and Apple range nourishes and revitalises dry dull hair, without weighing it down. Plus 50% Compatibility. Berries in the products contribute to daily protection of hair while the apple helps maintain optimum hair balance.

Hair with Bad Habits – Fig & Walnut

The perfect routine to repair and reinforce hair with bad habits such as over exposure to sun, heat and chemical treatments. This range helps increase hairs resistance to breakage by 15%
Two more treatments Wayne swears by are the Award winning Joico k Park Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair Treatment and K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor fo Damaged Hair.
If you want to get more information on any of the products or purchase them, you can get them from Wayne Webster Hair. The salon is based at the top of Grafton Street in Dublin. It is above the Swatch shop with the entrance beside The Rolling Donut. Book in for your treatment with Wayne via his website or call +353 87 931 0172.

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