I’m Back!

It feels weird to be sitting down writing again, but also great! I’m pretty sure there’s probably no followers of this blog left, but if you’ve been waiting around – thanks! I love writing and my blog has always been my creative outlet for that but over the past few months, life just got in the way. I work in PR & Marketing so I’ve been spending a lot of my time busy with work and haven’t felt pushed to write any blog posts.

It hit me last week how much I actually miss blogging, so here I am back again after a fairly long break. I think what sparked me to really come back and start writing again is the beginning of the Christmas season. This is my absolute favourite time of year and traditionally is when I end up writing the most amount of blog posts. I love the entire festive period so I’m never stuck for something to talk about.

I’m not going to start reaming off a load of things here. I just wanted to do a little post, to say I’m back, and to keep an eye out for content coming over the next couple of days and weeks. I’m already starting to get into full blown Christmas mode so I have a feeling most of what I’m talking about for at least the next six weeks will have something to do with Christmas so if that’s what you enjoy, I hope you stick around!

Thanks For Reading!