Happy Hands! My Top 5 Hand Creams

Hand cream is a product I would be completely lost without. I’d say I use it more than any other skincare product or makeup that I own! I work full time as a healthcare assistant so it goes without saying I am constantly using my hands.
Since I started this line of work almost three years ago, I developed occupational dermatitis. It is mainly my hands and arms that are affected. This happened because of my constantly needing to wear gloves and due to the amount of times I need to wash my hands. I honestly don’t think I could say how often I wash my hands during a 12 hour shift but I think it’s safe to say sometimes I could wash my hands more times in 2 hours than someone else normally would in a day!
As most people know, the soaps in hospitals and care homes are designed to kill bacteria not moisturise so my hands begin to get very inflamed and red quite quickly. Often after working 2 or 3 12 hour shifts in a row my hands will be cracked and bleeding. I spend my days off trying to revitalise them before repeating the process…
Hands Dermatitis

This is a picture of what my hands can look like after 3 days of work!
In turn this has made me very critical of what I put near my hands. I always wear gloves when handling any sort of cleaning products or chemicals and alcohol gels are a complete no no! I decided since hand cream is one product that I will always carry with me, I would show you which are my favourites! Even better? They’re all very budget friendly as I can’t afford some ?40 tube of cream that will be empty in two weeks!

Aveeno cream
Aveeno Moisturising Cream
I featured this in a favourites last year and it is still one of my go-to hand creams. It is so gentle on the skin but it does exactly what I need it to do. I know Aveeno products are firm favourites with many people who suffer from skin conditions or irritations as they contain oatmeal which help to soothe the skin. If my hands are in a really bad state, this is the first cream I reach for.
Dove hand cream
Dove Regenerating Nourishment Hand Cream
I only recently started using this hand cream but I know I will be repurchasing. Of all the creams I’ve listed here, this is the lightest and most fluid in texture, if that makes any sense? Dove will always be a great brand when it comes to skincare and this hand cream lives up to its name. I love using this when my hands are dry but haven’t yet got to the stage of cracking and I can see a difference almost immediately.

Soap & Glory Hand Food
Soap & Glory Hand Food
I’m a sucker for any Soap & Glory product, they all look so fun it just makes you love them. It has that Soap & Glory ‘Original Pink’ scent and contains macadamia oil, marshmallow and shea butter. I have the 50ml travel size bottle which is lasting quite a while as you don’t need to overload with this to see its affect. I switch between this and the Dove cream on a regular basis to try prevent my hands from drying out.

Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

Norwegian Formula Hand Cream (Concentrated)
I think most people out there know that if your hands need a little TLC then Norwegian Formula is always a good brand to go for. This cream is super concentrated so you really only need a small amount to get hydrated hands. I normally have this in my bag during work so that if my skin is flaring up I can quickly put on a layer. One great thing with this cream is that it absorbs really quickly so I don’t need to worry about letting it dry in, I can slap on a layer of this and still be able to put on my gloves with ease.

M&S Hand Cream

M&S Floral Collection Hand & Nail Cream – Magnolia

For me, this cream is more a treat to use than hydrating. It just smells amazing and feels so gentle on the skin. Don’t get me wrong, this is hydrating, just not to the level that some of the other hand creams I’ve listed are. I love using this when my skin doesn’t need a burst of hydration but I still want them nice and soft.
I really am picky with my hand creams and these are my top 5 from many that I’ve tried and subsequently thrown in the bin!
Let me know if you’ve tried any of these and what you thought about them, or if theres a hand cream you’ve tried that you think I definitely need!
Thanks for reading!
– Megan x