Hallowe’en Costume Ideas

One of my favourite things about October is that it signals fancy dress season! Suddenly everyone is having dress up parties and getting into the Halloween spirit.

I know some people out there don’t like Hallowe’en and can find it tacky, I’m not one of those people. I love the theatrics of it all and any excuse to dress up is a bonus for me! Personally I love planning a couples costume for James and I to wear. I think once I decide what theme we’re going for, it can be easy enough to buy or make a costume to suit. Last year I was Little Red Riding Hood and James was supposed to be my Lumberjack. Unfortunately he ended up having to work so I had to dress up on my own.
This Hallowe’en it’s the opposite way around and I have to work so I don’t think I’ll get the opportunity to dress up. Instead I thought I’d gather together some of my favourite Halloween looks and hopefully inspire some of you!
Makeup looks:

It’s amazing what you can create with a little bit of imagination and a lot of makeup!
Couples Costumes:

There’s always a deadly costume out there that will suit you both. Wether your going for straight out sexy, your favourite tv characters or a celeb couple.
If your anything like me you’ll have left it to the last minute to figure out a costume. The above 3 can be easily created with some items out of your wardrobe or a trip to Penneys!
Images courtesy of Pinterest
Hope I’ve given you a bit of last minute inspiration!

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– Megan x