Hair Accessories On A Budget

If you’re on social media at all you may have noticed the rise in hair accessories as we come into spring.

Hairbands and clips have made a resurgence and I feel like we’re back in the 90s! Everyone is sporting fancy hair clips and velvet hairbands have made a comeback.

Whilst there’s some styles I just don’t know if I can go back to, I am embracing the hair accessories trend. Every high street store has started stocking their own accessories. With prices ranging in stores I decided to have a quick look on my trusted favourite, AliExpress.

When it comes to micro trends like this, I always go to AliExpress if I’m looking to pick up bits for myself. I just won’t spend a lot of money on items I know might only last one season before they’re out of style again.

Keep reading to see some of the hair accessories I’ve been eyeing up, that cost nothing compared to what’s in stores at the moment. Just remember if you’re going to shop on AliExpress, it can take between 2-6 weeks usually for items to arrive. So don’t leave it too late to order!

Block Colour Wide Hairband

These hairbands come in a range of colours and are only 95 cent each. I bought the light pink which I think will go nicely with some summery outfits.

Gold Plated Hair Clips

These cute hair clips come in a pack of two for only 58 cent.

Black & White Knot Hairband

I love the contrast of the black and white on this hairband. It looks very similar to the Fendi logo too if you’re looking for a designer look without the price tag. This comes in at €1.62 and is available in a range of other colours too.

Geometric Hair Clips

Ok so I seen a cat clip and couldn’t resist! All of these come in silver or gold and there are a range of other shapes as well. I bought the gold cat, silver bow and gold infinity loop for 27 cent each!

Stars & Circles Hair Clips

Star hair clips seem to be popping up everywhere so I found these ones for 53 cent each. The also have some really nice circle clips and they all come in silver or gold.

Velvet Hair Bands

Who remembers wearing velvet hairbands similar to these! I had a burgundy one with my name across it! I’m still on the fence as to if I can face wearing one of these again, but if you’re looking to stock up then here’s 8 different colours from you to choose from, for €1.58 each.

Luxe Hair Clips

These pearl and rhinestone clips look a lot more luxe than their price tag. You can get these for €1.20 each to add a bit of bling to your hair.

Thanks For Reading!