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A lot of you may have seen at the start of February that Birchbox have started shipping to Ireland. For the past few months I have been receiving the Glossybox so I decided I would sign up for Birchbox in February and compare the two. I was never planning on having two beauty box subscriptions so I figured the only way I would decide between the two would be to get both and see which I like better. As its now April I have received two Birchboxes so far and thought I would share with you all my thoughts on both Birchbox and Glossybox, and the main question, are they worth the money!
Here is a quick overview of my Birchbox and Glossybox from the past two months…


Glossybox costs ?19 per month including postage

Glossybox february 2016

The February Glossybox contained:

Tweezers from the Vintage Cosmetic Company ?10.99
Razor from Wilkinson Sword ?9.79
MUA Power Pout Glaze (lipgloss) ?3.50/?4.46*
Nicka K 24HR Waterproof Eyeliner ?3.99/?5.08*
Naobay Volumising Hair Mask ?10.64/?13.55*

Overall box value = ?43.87


The March Glossybox contained:

-417 Shampoo & Conditioner ?16.00 each^
Luxie Angled Brush ?10.42/?13.23*
Hey Honey Face Serum ?28.81/?36.57*^
So Susan Light Diffuser ?14.00/?17.77*
Olay Skin Tone Perfecting Cream ?39.99^

Overall box value = ?139.56


Birchbox costs ?17-18 per month including postage (varies depending on exchange rate)

Birch box february 2016
The February Birchbox contained:

LOC One & Done Shadow Stick ?8.00/?10.19*
Spectrum Tapered Brush ?10.17
Doux Me Comforting Scrub Mask ?18.00/?22.92*^
Cochine Body Lotion ?22^
L. Erickson Grab & Go Bobbin ?7.80/?9.93*^
Number 4 Lumiere d’Hiver Super Comb Prep & Protect $7.20/?6.44*
BONUS – Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Tinted Lash Primer ?25.00^ (Not included in overall value as this was a bonus item)

Overall box value = ?81.65


The March Birchbox contained:

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask ?6.75
Polaar Polar Night Cream ?42.90^
Amika Nourishing Mask $12.00/?10.73*^
ModelCo More Brows ?15
Arrow Boost Colour Enhancing Lip Balm ?11.00/?14.03*
This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray ?17.70^

Overall box value = ?107.11

Straight away we can see that Birchbox seem to give more products by having six in each box as opposed to five in each Glossybox but Glossybox do provide more full size products. I have to say I have been disappointed with both boxes the past few months. Some of the products contained in each box are a waste of space. For example in February Glossybox gave a razor and tweezers, like seriously! I have plenty of tweezers so I haven’t even taken this out of the packaging yet and the razor was good but realistically, there’s nothing more I can say about it! Birchbox included a body lotion that is a bit ‘meh’, a bloody hair bobbin (cause I don’t have enough of those) and a very small sample size face mask, not enough for me to decide if I like it or not!

One thing both boxes have been quite similar with is the amount of hair products provided which I find really annoying! My hair drawer is gradually filling up with masks and sprays, none of which are as good as the ones I go out and buy myself. For me the idea of a beauty box is that you get mainly makeup with a bits of skincare, haircare, fragrances and accessories thrown in. Lately I think its been the other way around! I really wish they would give it up at this stage and start putting in some makeup. A big issue I have noticed as well is that when it comes to Glossybox they tend to rotate the same brands over and over, giving very little of the main brands that they advertise. I have been receiving their beauty boxes for a year now and in February I got my third Naobay product!

If you have been looking at subscribing to Birchbox you may have heard that their launch in Ireland didn’t go off without a hitch. There was major issues with the delivery and most people didn’t get the box until the 24th of February, with many arriving a lot later. My February Birchbox box didn’t arrive until the first week of March which is completely ridiculous! As this was the first month everyone pretty much put it down to teething problems and stuck with it for March. Again the delivery was delayed and I didn’t receive my box until the 21st. I have seen a lot of people declare that they will be cancelling their subscriptions because of the issues. Personally, yes I am eager for my box to come in the post, but I’m not put out enough to cancel my subscription over it. A beauty box, for me, is a little treat that arrives in the post every month so it actually doesn’t make a difference whether it arrives in the first week or the last. This is just how I feel about it, I know others are not happy with the length of time they are waiting though.

Now time to answer the burning question, are Birchbox and Glossybox worth subscribing to? I think there is a few parts to this. You need to look at the overall cost of each box and look at the products that have been provided so far. Even if the total cost of all the products outweigh the cost of the box, are they all products that you will enjoy using. If I look at the March Glossybox, out of the five products I received I’m only interested in the Luxie brush and the So Susan Light Diffuser and am not fussed at all about the others and they will more than likely end up buried in a drawer.

Looking at the March Birchbox, of the six products I received I was actually really happy with all of them. I recognise some of the products as things that I really wanted to try but never got around to buying and I’ve also got some products from brands I have never heard of but I like the sound of. My only problem with Birchbox is the size of the products they give compared to Glossybox. Glossybox have tried in recent months to give almost all full size products however between the 12 products I have received so far from Birchbox, seven have been sample sizes, nearly all of which are the products I was most interested in trying! Now obviously I don’t expect to get full size products constantly but I think with skincare especially, you can’t test the product enough to know if it is worth buying the full-size!

Honestly I think at this stage Glossybox just bores me every month. I get it delivered to my Mum’s house and when she texts me to say it has arrived I’m in no rush to collect it. When I sat down to write this post I made some notes of what I liked about each box and what I didn’t like. After I reread my list I realised how bad the Glossybox has been for the past couple of months and I decided I won’t be wasting ?19 on it anymore.

As far as Birchbox goes, I think the first box was disappointing mainly because the delivery issues and I was not interested in most of the products it contained. However aside from the sample sizes, I actually really like the March box! I am going to stick with Birchbox for now and give it a bit more time, I think I’ll review it again in June or July and decide if it is worth the money or are my drawers filling up with useless samples! Overall I do like having a beauty box arrive every month which is why I’m going to wait it out with Birchbox to see if the delivery and size of products improve.

If you are thinking of signing up I would hesitantly recommend Birchbox over Glossybox. It is a slightly better box and costs a bit less. Also with it being new to Ireland, they will be trying to impress over the next few months to gain subscribers so hopefully the quality of products will be high.
I really enjoyed pitching these two beauty boxes against each other so be sure to let me know your thoughts. Let me know if you would like to see more of these types of comparison blog posts and what you would like me to compare.

Thanks For Reading!
Megan signature*price found online for this product only available in British Pound or US Dollar. Euro value given was calculated based on exchange rate of 29/03/2016 (?1 = ?0.79, ?1 = $1.12).
^product in box was a sample size, price given for calculation is based on smallest size available for purchase.