Glam Zombie Makeup

It may seem a little early but now is the time I’m thinking about what costume I’m going to wear for Halloween this year.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the hype of dressing up sometimes and suddenly realise you’ve spent your hard earned money on a costume which will be worn once and then forgotten about.

I love to experiment with different costumes and looks for Halloween every year and am big into doing it on the cheap.

Over the past few years I have done my own interpretations of Batwoman, Minnie Mouse and other easy to do costumes.

This is my version of a slightly glam Zombie look that can be pulled together really easily with makeup you probably already own.

Glam Zombie Makeup

I decided to do half glam face, half zombie so I started by doing my makeup as normal – but only on one side of my face.

I wanted to really exaggerate the glam look with strong contouring and bold eyes, I then did the same eye makeup on the opposite eye.

For the other half of my face I primed as normal and then used a white facepaint to distinguish the two sides.

After this it was all about adding dimension to the look. I used black, brown and purple eyeshadows to exaggerate the eye even more, making it look almost bruised.

For the contouring I again used a black eyeshadow and a brown and started adding some depth to my face. This was actually really quick and easy to do – it is like contouring as normal but using shades you would never use in reality.

Glam Zombie Makeup

I wanted to have a really strong lip so I used my Sleek Makeup True Colour Lipstick in the shade Russian Roulette. I then used a black eyeliner pencil to outline my lips with it on the zombie half and then blended it into my lipstick.

After this all I needed to do was add a little blood. I had some fake blood already so I used a synthetic eyeshadow brush to add droplets to different parts of my zombie face.

Certain areas needed to be deepened up so I went in with a burgundy eyeshadow to blend out the blood.

To set the whole look and stop all the makeup sliding off my face I used my Fuschia setting spray.

As my makeup was the focus of this whole look, I went with a simple black skater style dress and some white converse.

Glam Zombie Makeup

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