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How I Get A Good Night Sleep

I’m such a grumpy person when I’m tired and if I sleep bad it completely ruins my day. I hate waking up and feeling like I haven’t had a proper rest.

Over the past few months I’ve been trying to develop some sort of night-time routine. My biggest issue is trying to get eight hours sleep. I always stay up too late, even if I have to be up early in the morning. To change that I’ve started really trying to relax before going to bed, to get me into that sleepy mood.

With the help of some products (and self-control) I’m sleeping so much better than I used to. I know so many people who struggle with getting a good night sleep so here are some of my tips and tricks, hopefully they’ll work for you too!

This Works Candle

This Works Candle

The scent of Lavender in my bedroom immediately makes me feel sleepy. If I have had a long day or have been having trouble sleeping, I like to light this candle about an hour before going to bed.

It fills my room with the calming aroma of lavender, without it being overly sweet or too strong. I love having candles lit around my house in the evening and this is definitely one I would recommend to put you in a sleepy mood.

I’ve found this hard enough to find from most retailers, it seems to be sold out in a lot of places I’ve looked. It is available on Amazon and Look Fantastic. I also noticed one of these in Dun Laoghaire Pharmacy the other day so if you’re in the area I’d definitely grab it.

This Works sleep spray

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

I first tried this months ago when I got a sample in either a beauty box or a goodie bag, I can’t remember which. So many bloggers rave about the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and I wanted to know if it was worth purchasing or not, so I was glad to get a sample to try. After trying the sample I was so disappointed, I honestly felt like it made no difference at all and couldn’t understand how so many people loved it.

I kept going with the sample, trying to love it until it ran out and I thought right, not wasting my money on that. When I was given a full size bottle to try I decided again to give it a go. I swear I must have got a bad sample as when I tried the full size of this spray I was amazed, a few sprays on my pillow and I was out for the night.

I do have a few tips for using this spray which helped me get the most benefits out of it;
  • Only spray when your ready to go asleep, don’t spray and then spend the next hour lying in bed on your phone as you’ll be keeping yourself awake and won’t feel the effects. I normally climb into bed and spend a little while scrolling through Instagram, when I’m ready to go to sleep I spray this on my pillow.
  • A little goes a long way – I use about 2-3 sprays of this on my pillow. I find any more and my pillow is slightly wet and I need to wait for it to dry before I can lie down and properly relax.
  • If it’s not working for you don’t completely write it off. For me, part of the reason I hated this at first was I wasn’t giving it a chance. You need to be ready to go asleep when you spray this or there is no point spraying it at all!

Bedside locker

BRYT Night

I have changed my whole skincare routine recently and have fallen in love with BRYT Night. Their night cream is light and hydrating, so it doesn’t leave a heavy feeling on the skin after application.

This contains numerous antioxidants which help to hydrate and repair the skin during sleep. Two of the main ingredients are Bergamot and Lavender, both of which are brilliant for aiding sleep.

The Bergamot helps to reduce any redness or irritation that may have developed during the day due to pollutants and general daily wear and tear. I’m terrible at rubbing my face and always have red patches by the time I’m going to bed. The lavender in the night cream also helps aid sleep, much like the pillow spray and candle from This Works. I find when I combine the three, I’m out like a light!

I also have the Luna by Cara silk pillowcases which has helped save my skin during the night. Unlike cotton pillows, the silk does not absorb creams, meaning my BRYT Night can be fully absorbed into the skin.

Sleep Eye mask

Eye Mask

I love to sleep in a dark room, despite the fact I’m slightly afraid of the dark. There is nothing better than climbing into bed and switching off the light to pure darkness where I can easily drift off.

I find it so hard to sleep with light peeping through the cracks in the curtains, especially when the evenings stretch out to well past my bed time!

Eye masks are my saving grace on the nights when all I want to do is go asleep but I’m getting distracted by a light outside the window. Next to blackout blinds – which are another favourite of mine – these are a much more budget friendly way of getting a good night rest.

It took me a few nights at first to get used to sleeping with a mask on my face but now that I’m used to it I barely sleep without one. I also love the fact that now I am used to having an eye mask whilst sleeping, I know it will make it a lot easier the next time I’m on a plane and need a way to shut out the rest of the world and have a good nap!


iPhone Settings

The Do Not Disturb and Night Shift mode on the iPhone have to be some of the best settings I’ve found on the phone for helping me get a good night sleep. I’m sure Android probably has similar settings but I can’t say for certain, I’m a bit of an ‘apple whore’ when it comes to technology.

I have my phone set to automatically turn to Do Not Disturb at 11pm every night which means I no longer get notifications from apps, texts or calls – unless the calls are from people in my designated favourites list. The night shift mode also turns on for me at the same time which dims my screen from the usual bright white light to a duller yellow toned light.

Studies have shown that the white backlight on phones mimics real or natural light, making it harder for your brain to switch off. By using a different toned light, if I’m on my phone before bed it helps me realise it’s time to put down the phone and also makes it easier for my brain to realise it is time to go asleep.

Using these settings over the past few months has made such a difference for me. I’m no longer staring at my phone for an hour when I get into bed and I don’t find myself drifting off, only to be interrupted by another Instagram notification.


I hope some of the products I’ve mentioned will help you to get a good night sleep. They’ve definitely helped me. I’m so much more relaxed now when I’m going to bed and find myself feeling rested when I wake in the morning.

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