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February Fashion & Beauty Haul | Everything I’ve Been Buying This Month

February Haul

I think like everyone else, when January hit this year I was absolutely broke and couldn’t wait for payday to come around. As soon as I seen money in my bank account I was immediately looking at all the things I wanted to buy.

I’m a complete shopaholic and have very little willpower when it comes to buying new makeup and clothes! I managed to pick up a few nice bits in the sales and also have my eye on so much more. So I thought I’d do a little haul of what I’ve been buying recently.

Even as I write this post I’ve done more shopping so keep an eye for more haul posts like this coming soon!


New Boots

I wear black boots so much in work so I thought it was time to pick up another pair. These ones from Nasty Gal with the small silver stud detail around each boot really caught my eye and I just love the look of them. I tend to always go for a block heel like on these as they’re so much comfier to walk in. I’ve already worn these a few times to break them in and they are nice and comfy to walk in. I love how they look with jeans or dresses. another great thing I found with these boots is that as they have a proper sole, you have decent grip whilst walking in them. I love my sock boots but they’re definitely not a good option in the rain!

SOSU Lip Kits

As if I didn’t get enough new lipsticks at Christmas, I had to go out and get more. I really like the look of these new lip kits from SOSU and decided to pick up three to try out. the kits I got were I Like It, Can’t Cope and Birthday Suit. Straight away I thought the quality of the packaging was really nice, even if it is a complete rip off from Kylie’s lip kits. Each kit comes with a lipstick and lipliner for €12.95 which is a pretty good price for both. the lipsticks are really creamy and apply nicely. I’ve only worn them once or twice so far so it’s still too early to give a full review but I did find that they weren’t as long lasting as I would have hoped for. Even still they are still good for the price of each kit.

Black Jeans

I live in black jeans. They are an absolute staple for me. I have so many pairs but my favourites are definitely the River Island Mollys. I’ve just ordered another pair of these to have in my wardrobe and can’t wait for them to arrive. I have so many black jeans from Penneys and other places but I do find the Mollys just fit and last the best. They have a bit of stretch in them so are comfortable to wear and they don’t lose their shape as quick as cheaper jeans that I’ve bought.


I have to say I’m not a huge jewelry person, I just won’t spend loads of money on trend-led jewelry. A lot of the “stylish” trend led pieces that I buy are from AliExpress. I barely wear earrings but I do like to have a few nice pairs for adding that little extra touch to an outfit so I picked up some Silver and Gold chunky earrings. These are so similar to ones I’ve seen in Zara and other high street stores, but for a fraction of the price. I ordered these in January and they took about 3 weeks to arrive which is pretty good for AliExpress. My main tip for ordering off Ali is that you shop in advance. It does take a while for things to arrive, I’ve waited up to six weeks for things before. So plan now what you think you’ll want for Spring & Summer outfits and order now. I always keep an eye on the trends and order ahead of time so that I know I’ll have the items on time.

Pink Velvet bag

Like I said above about AliExpress, you need to shop ahead of each season. I spotted this cute pink velvet bag recently and thought it would be so nice for outfits in the warmer weather. At only €12.88 for the large crossbody bag you can’t go wrong. This will be so nice with outfits during Spring and Summer and I like that it has the gold hardware instead of the usual silver.

February Haul

Dripping Gold Wonder Water

I was really intrigued when I seen this latest release from SOSU Dripping Gold tan. I’ve never actually tried their tan but I love the idea of this tanning water. It is developed as a facial tan with hydrating ingredients and infused with vitamins. I love wearing tan but do hate when it blocks my pores so I’m hoping this is a much better option in the long run. I tried this the other night and woke up with such a glow the next morning. You just spray the tan all over the face and blend the edges with a clean kabuki brush. I also used it on my hands and feet and it is definitely better than using a mitt for tan in these areas.

Have you gone spend crazy in February? Let me know in the comments!


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