Halloween Costumes That You Can Wear Again

Pretty Little Thing Halloween Costume Riverdale Cheryl Blossom Day of the Dead Makeup

Halloween is fast approaching and like everyone else, you’re trying to figure out what to wear. My biggest issue with Halloween costumes is that they can cost a fortune and generally are only worn once.

I hate spending money on an outfit that I know will sit in the back of the wardrobe forever more. This makes me always try to create costumes from clothes I already own. This year I’m updating my wardrobe and have teamed up with PrettyLittleThing to give you some easy to recreate Halloween outfits.

I put both of these outfits together with clothes picked from PLT and the best thing is you can keep wearing these items even after Halloween. When I went online to start picking out clothes, I was immediately thinking black and red for my outfits. With a staple colour piece you can create your costume around this and use accessories or makeup to make it look more Halloweeny.

Cheryl Blossom

The first outfit I wanted to do was to replicate Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale. If you watch the show you will know Cheryl’s style is iconic. Always in either white or black with pops of red. I decided to recreate her look from when she got her serpent jacket which was an iconic moment from Riverdale season 2 in my opinion!

To recreate the look I picked out this red biker jacket which is so similar to Cheryl’s Southside Serpents jacket. I went for leather look leggings teamed with a black high neck bodysuit. To complete the outfit I picked out black ankle boots which have a snakeskin texture which I thought would be perfect for the look.

For makeup I kept everything pretty natural with pale skin and subtle blush to pop the cheekbones. The main focus of the makeup is the bold red lip to complete the outfit.

You can get everything on Get the top here, leggings here, boots here, jacket here.


Day of the Dead Skull

For one of the looks I knew I wanted to go really out there with the makeup. I chose this stunning black lace dress as my outfit. The best part about having an outfit like this is that I know I will get so much wear out of this dress, especially during party season.

For my makeup I wanted to do a version of a day of the dead skull. I used Snazaroo white face paint for my base to lighten my face and then used red lipliner and face paint to do the roses on my forehead. For the black circles around my eyes I used black face paint and eyeshadow along with some eyeliner for the designs. This was my first time doing this type of makeup look and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

James helped out taking the photos and I wanted it to be really gloomy looking. We took the pictures just before it turned dark and I think it helped give the pictures a creepier vibe!

Get the dress here, shoes here, white face paint here, day of the dead makeup kit here.



Let me know if you recreate any of the looks or come up with your own! I’ll be sharing more images of my looks over the next week on Instagram so keep an eye out for them. Tag me on Instagram with your Halloween costumes from (@makeitupmegan) so I can share them 🙂


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