How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

It’s something I know I should do, something I need to do, but something I hate doing… Clean my makeup brushes! I really hate this task. I find it so boring and I know there’s much nicer things I could be doing for the time that it takes. Either way it still has to be done, so yesterday I set out on the mammoth task that was cleaning my makeup brushes.

I have been procrastinating for a long time about doing this. It had got to the stage that I had stopped using my regular brushes and moved onto my spares as they were in a desperate condition. I normally deep clean my brushes every 2-3 weeks and I give them a clean after every use with a spray brush cleaner. I always use the ‘P.S. Love This – Makeup Brush Cleaner’ available in Penneys for just ?2.50. Basically you spray the bristles of your brush with this cleaner and wipe off the dirt on kitchen paper, simple as! I find this is great for keeping my brushes clean in between uses. However this is no good if they are not deep cleaned every so often as there is only so much it will remove.
I had just over 70 brushes that needed cleaning so you can see why I was putting it off. I was on a bit of a cleaning buzz yesterday so after popping a wash into the machine I set about cleaning my brushes. I’ve used a lot of fancy brush cleaning products before but sometimes I think nothing beats a bit of baby shampoo. It’s cheap and it does no harm to the bristles.
Between YouTube and Pinterest at this stage I think most people know how to clean their brushes. You need your cleaning product, warm water and a flat surface to dry them on. If you haven’t a clue here’s a step by step picture…
Image taken from Pinterest – unknown creator
Step 1 – Take your brush and wet it with warm water
Step 2/3 – Pour baby shampoo on brush and rub it in
Step 4 – Swirl brush in palm of hand to produce a lather
Step 5 – Rinse brush under water
Step 6 – Reshape brush and leave to dry on flat surface
Simple enough!
If my brushes are super dirty I repeat the above steps until I can see the brush is completely clean. An easy way to check is to soap up your brush again and if the lather (bubbles) are normal clear/white colour then there is no residue left on the brush.
Be careful not to scrub the brush too hard as you don’t want to damage the bristles. If you notice your brush shedding a lot then it might be time to consider throwing it out. It’s not going to perform the way it should and you’ll end up with the brush shedding on your face whilst halfway through your makeup. I hate throwing out makeup brushes but I draw the line at picking little black bristles off my face after putting on my foundation!
Usually if the handle of my brushes need cleaning I just wipe them down with an anti-bacterial wipe after they have fully dried as I don’t want to damage the wood.
Also I seen something online the other day, I can’t remember where I seen it, but it mentioned putting makeup brushes into the dishwasher to clean them. PLEASE please please do not do this! I really don’t know why anyone would think this is a good idea, but don’t do it. It will destroy the brushes! When your washing your brushes you need to keep the handle of the brush as dry as possible. Only the bristles need to be wet, nowhere else. If you soak the brush in water there is a good chance that the glue holding it all together will break down and the whole brush will eventually fall apart. Far from popular belief you do not need to use oil to clean brushes, it has absolutely no benefit, and your brushes are not like your hair so no need to condition them!
If you take any advice from this, learn from my mistakes! It’s not a good idea to put off the task of cleaning your brushes. You are delaying the inevitable and making a small task soo much bigger. I’m not gonna lie I cursed my way through cleaning.. I spent close to 3 hours with my hands in the sink, they still look like prunes.. I definitely won’t be leaving it for so long again.
If it’s any consolation, it’s great to see all my makeup brushes so clean! I love using brand new or freshly washed brushes as they perform so well. My brushes don’t work as good when they’ve been used a few times as there is always that makeup residue left. It also helped me see what brushes need replacing as there was a good bit of shedding from one or two (any excuse to buy more brushes)!
I hope you find this helpful and any questions let me know in comments underneath ??
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– Megan x