Christmas Gifts For Dad

gifts for dad

Every year at Christmas the hardest person I have to buy for is my dad. Anyone I ask says the same so I’ve pulled together some of my dad gift ideas in the hopes of helping some you out!

Whilst I’m sure my dad appreciates the socks, slippers and robe combo that pops up every few years from either my sister or myself, I’m sure he’d appreciate a gift with a bit more thought.

My biggest problem is that if my dad wants something he usually just buys it for himself, and never asks for anything. It must be a dad thing because I know I’m not alone in this.

I’ve tried to dig up some of my best ideas for you which have either served me well over the years of gifting, or are potentials for this year!

Remember too that whatever it is that your dad is into – golf, cars, bikes, darts – you can use this as inspiration. If all else fails, just go with the socks and slippers!

Racing Experience

My dad loves motor racing and we’ve always been regulars at the race track. If your dad loves racing or is into cars why not give them the chance to race a car themselves. Mondello Park do a number of gift options for motorsport experiences where the person can drive a range of different cars. They have even started doing Drift Car experiences for the drifting lovers!

Check out all the different options on the Mondello Park website.

Gifts for dad

Team Jersey

If your dad is a soccer, GAA or rugby fan then maybe he’d love his teams latest jersey? My dad has never been big into these sports so it’s always been an option that eluded me. But if your dad loves any teams that have a kit then buying him the latest team jersey would be a great gift. The best thing about this idea is you can repeat it year on year!

gifts for dad

Electric Shaver

Unless your dad has a beard then an electric shaver might be a great gift to get him. Once he doesn’t already have a great one that is! After a few years these do tend to wear out though so have a look and see if it could do with replacing. You can get electric razors for any budget starting at around €25 and up. I would say have a look at what your dad currently uses and then get a razor based on that. Have a look online or in the likes of Boots and work out the best you can get for your budget.

gifts for dad

A Day Out

If you can’t think of anything physical to get, why not take your dad on a day out. I know at the end of the day my dad just loves spending time with me and my sister. I’m really close to my dad so having a day out, just the two of us, is a nice treat. Think about maybe taking your dad to lunch, go for a walk, visit the zoo or look for the dear in the Phoenix Park. It doesn’t really matter too much where you go. The whole point is giving him a day of your time – you could even consider silencing your phone for the day!

gifts for dad

A Memory

What about reminding your dad of a special moment you had together. You can go as simple or as fancy as you like with this gift. Choose a photo of you and him or one that means something to both of you and get it framed. You can print photos for less than a euro and pick up a really nice frame like the one pictured from Carraig Donn. You will also get really nice frames in TK Maxx or Home Sense for great value.

gifts for dad

A Tablet

Wether its an android or apple, a tablet is always a good bet. I bought one for my dad last year. He always brings it with him if he’s travelling or working away to watch movies on and play games. Obviously there is so much more that you can do on a tablet! You can get really great devices now for around the €100 mark if you’re budget is tight or maybe consider getting siblings to pitch in and get a better model at a higher price tag.

Coffee Machine

My dad is a big coffee drinker. We actually calculated it up and he drinks about 10 cups a day, at least! If your dad is a coffee lover too, consider making his coffee making routine a little easier. Depending on his coffee consumption you could get a Nespresso machine starting from €100 like this one here. If you don’t think that will do the job then have a look at the bean-to-cup machines like the DeLonghi Magnifica.