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Christmas Gift Guide – Electronics

Christmas is one of those times when we can justify those not-so-subtle hints to our parents/other half that we want the latest hi-tech expensive gadget that we won’t buy for ourselves. When James and I are buying for each other at Christmas we always get the usual small things for stocking fillers along with one “Big Present”! In the past this has been TVs, an XBOX, holidays etc. This is a trend that goes on between a lot of couples I’ve talked to, mainly girls who haven’t a clue what to get for their boyfriend or husband. So here is my list of this years top electronic gadgets for both him and her.

XBOX One/ Platstation 4
I’m not going to embarrass myself by trying to tell you the difference between them because to me they’re pretty much the same just made by different companies… A great present for the man in your life though. Don’t know which one to get? Find out what they used to have and get that!
GHD Platinum Styler
I think pretty much every girl knows how brilliant the ghd straighteners are. They are without a doubt one of the best on the market and my personal favourite. This year ghd have launched the ghd platinum which features tri-zone? technology to deliver constant, even heat that reduces breakage by 50%, increases shine by 20% and is proven to be kinder to hair colour*. I can’t wait to try this out and compare it to the older models!

iPhone 6(S)/ 6 (S)Plus
I think I’ve had every iPhone that’s been on the market, I’ve loved them from day one and have become a bit of an Apple collector! I was a bit unsure of the iPhone 6 when they were released especially with stories of them bending. Since then the ‘S’ version has been released and I have once again jumped on the bandwagon. I can’t wait to pick up the rose gold 6 S Plus for myself after Christmas.

Apple Watch
Basically a watch that’s a phone! The Apple Watch comes in so many different styles and colours, the only problem you’ll have is choosing which one to get!

This a brilliant gadget for anyone who is trying to get a little bit fitter and do more exercise. This is worn around your wrist and comes in many different colours and styles. It can track your sleep, exercise, weight, activity and food all day and you can see your results/stats on an app on your phone. The app will let you see how others are getting on and let you compete with each other if you want.
The clarisonic facial cleansing brush has become very popular in the last few years. It is a gentle but very effective exfoliation brush that really makes a difference. It is basically, as James likes to call it, a big electric toothbrush for your face. I was a bit wary of this trend at first but since getting my own brush I love using it and can see the difference it has made to my skin! There are many different clarisonics to choose from and there is even a version for the boys!

I hope this gives you some idea on what to get for your loved one this Christmas!
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Happy Christmas Shopping ??

– Megan x

* (when compared to other styles reaching temperature of 230degrees on untreated hair)