Affordable Dupes for the Must Have Chloe Nile Bag


The Chloe Nile bag has definitely become one of this years must have accessories. And one I REALLY want! My need for this bag definitely increased watching Retro Flame’s recent unboxing of the beauty.

My budget however, is much more limited! The Chloe Nile is well out of reach for me, but I have found some amazing dupes! Wearing a knock-off is a complete no-no for me. Whilst I won’t be picking up a fake Chloe from the stalls on Moore Street, I have sound some super affordable dupes which could almost pass for the real thing.

Dupes are a budget seekers perfect option to get the latest trend, without the price tag. Check out my favourites for this seasons ‘it’ bag below.

The Dupes

Chloe Nile Dupe Ebay

For me, this looks like such a good dupe for the Chloe Nile. I actually purchased this the minute I seen it! I can’t wait to see what it’s like when it arrives. I’m really hoping it is good quality and doesn’t look too ‘cheap’. I got this bag on Ebay for £8.99 plus £9.99 postage (about €21.70), which I think is an absolute steal! It is available in this nude brown shade which I bought, and also in black, white and pink. You can get it here.

Romwe is a site I’m yet to buy from but I’ve heard so many good reviews about. If your looking for a dupe item of a current trend, you’ll probably find it here. Shop their version of the Chloe Nile here for $16.99.

Chloe Nile Dupe Black - Ainifeel on Amazon

Ok so if you’re set on the Chloe Nile but can’t afford the €1,200 price tag, this is a much cheaper option. It’s still pricey at $99 (currently on sale from $299) but you are getting real leather and quality that will hopefully last. I haven’t purchased this so can’t 100% vouch but I expect this dupe is definitely higher quality than any others in this post. Get it here from Amazon (Tip: Use a service like Address Pal as this won’t ship to Ireland).

The Real Thing

There are so many sites doing their own versions of the Chloe Nile, but the ones I’ve found above are my favourite versions. Ebay has so many sellers with the same/similar versions of the one I listed first. You’re guaranteed to find one you like, in the colour you want, for a tenth of the price of the real thing.

If my budget could stretch, I would love the real version, which you can get here from Net-A-Porter.

I also found this amazing site called Bag Borrow or Steal where you can rent the Chloe Nile for a monthly price! How did I not know this service was out there! It is definitely something I’ll be looking into more!

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  1. Cortney says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you had a update on the bag you bought from Ebay. Did you end up liking it? Thanks!

    1. Hey! I was so impressed when it arrived, really love it, especially for the price! If you check out my Insta @makeitupmegan I just put up a pic and mini review, you can see for yourself it really does look super good quality ??

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