Blogging, Social Media and Over Exposure

Part and parcel of being a blogger is that you have multiple online platforms. Your actual blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube… the list goes on and on. But do we post so much that we expose too much of our lives.

Blogging takes a hell of a lot of work. Writing a post, taking and editing pictures can take hours. All on top of a normal day job. Added to this is the pressure to be online all the time. To be the first to post about the new beauty release. Or to show everyone what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Across social media, we choose to expose our lives to the world. Be it to try make others think we’re living the “glam life” or because you know that picture will get tonnes of likes. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Sharing snippets of life with others to let them know what you do everyday. To show others how perfect your life can be. In some cases, to show off. And at the end of it all, to gain a bigger following.

Behind it all is a facade, the 200 tries it took to get that perfect Instagram picture (which is filtered so much it looks nothing like the original). Your dinner is going cold as you try to get a good camera angle. Your boyfriend is pissed because you can’t enjoy a day out without stopping for a million different versions of the same outfit picture.


Having our heads buried in our phones so much, constantly monitoring social media, can take over. I hold my hands up, I’m guilty. We all are!

I started blogging because I wanted to share my love of beauty products and makeup. I just want to put my voice out there in the sea of beauty bloggers and never had much of a plan after that. At the start I did want to see my follower count grow, I’m not going to deny it. It’s disheartening spending hours writing a blog for nobody to read it. With this began the need to overshare. To let people in on details of my life I otherwise wouldn’t tell the world. In the hope it might gain me more followers – get more people to ‘like’ me.

In order for people to ‘trust’ what I say they want to get to know me, right? The problem develops when people actually think they do know you. Over exposing ourselves on snapchat, Instagram etc can soon backfire. Letting them into your home and into your life on snapchat and Insta stories. When you’ve shared so much, the feeling of needing to share more can be overwhelming. If we need to take a break, we feel the need to explain ourselves. Why we need to ?log off?. Is that the price we pay for putting our lives online in the first place?

Nobody shares the dark parts of their day – I certainly don’t. I share the pretty pictures, flatlays, heavily filtered selfies… but this isn’t my real life. Half of these pictures I take on the weekend and have lined up for use over the next week. I certainly don’t live the glam life I may try to portray. Whilst you’re flicking through Instagram at everyone’s fab lives, it’s easy to get jealous. To want what others have, to make it look like you have it too. It looks great doesn’t it.


I don’t live a glam life. Half the time my hair is greasy or in a messy bun, I’ve spilled tea on my top (again!) and there’s a basket of washing beckoning me. I’m not a size 6 (double that), I’ve made and will continue to make plenty of mistakes. I wouldn’t dare share this online though, people might realise I’m normal!

We all want to have what others have at times. It’s natural to see someone doing well and to want what they have. If that wasn’t the case, the need to do well in work, have a better position, get paid more wouldn’t matter so much. It’s easy to get caught up in the charade of it all. I suppose what I’m getting at is don’t always believe what you read or see online.

Sometimes we need to just step back. Re-evaluate. Take a break.
It does absolutely no good to judge your life against the life of another. I took a short break from social media over the past few days. I was so down in myself and the perfectness of social media only made things worse. We all need to give ourselves a little tap on the shoulder sometimes, remind ourselves that we are good enough. And just because our breakfast isn’t as pretty as theirs, it doesn’t mean it’s not just as good!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and understand where I’m coming from with some of the points I’ve made. If you’re interested in seeing more like this, let me know!

Thanks For Reading!

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  1. Great post, I always try remember when scrolling through instagram etc. that people will always show their best (naturally) but that doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It keeps me sane because sometimes it can feel like bloggers have such perfect lives and it’s impossible to live up to. Glad I found your blog ?

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