My Autumn Winter Wardrobe Staples

Autumn Winter Wardrobe Staples

Does anyone else think this year has just flown by? I can’t believe it’s already Autumn and I’m starting to buy clothes for the warmer months and plan my Autumn Winter wardrobe.

This year I’m trying to focus on buying a few good quality pieces that will last me through the Autumn and Winter. I’m looking more for quality pieces that will hopefully last me for years to come.

Most retailers have started to roll out there Autumn collections at this stage. It is the perfect time to start looking at pieces to invest in. Also with a lot of shops running sales, there are a good few bargains to be got at the moment.

Below are some of the pieces I’ve got my eye on for the upcoming Autumn Winter season.

Autumn Winter Wardrobe Staples Red Boots

Simply Be Red Boots

Last winter everyone seemed to be wearing red boots and I didn’t end up buying a pair. I actually love how these bright vibrant boots can elevate an otherwise ‘plain’ outfit so this year I’ve picked up a pair for myself. Recently I attended the Simply Be press day where I was given a voucher to spend on the site. I picked out this fab pair of red boots which are actually reduced at the moment to €40.50. Get your pair here.

Autumn Winter Wardrobe Staples Leather Boots

Trespass Black Leather Boots

Black leather boots are a must for Autumn Winter fashion. They go with so much, from jeans to dresses and skirts with tights. For at least 6 months of the year I live in boots like these. I bought a new pair of black velvet boots last year but this year I wanted to invest in a good pair of leather boots that would withstand the wet days we get here in Ireland. I ordered this pair from Schuh so keep an eye on my Insta to see what they’re like. They are real leather with a good sole and a chunky heel which will make them perfect for Irish weather but also more comfortable than a stiletto heel boot. These are reduced from €94 to €38.95 online and I’d say they will sell out fast!

 Autumn Winter Wardrobe Staples River Island Black Molly Jeans

River Island Black Molly Jeans

I live in black jeans throughout the AW season. They are my go-to Autumn Winter wardrobe staple. River Island Molly jeans are the comfiest jeans I’ve found and I try to invest in a few new pairs every year. I love the leather look pair which will be great for a dressy jean when going out and I already know I’ll live in the plain black pair over the next few months.

Autumn Winter Wardrobe Staples Kate Spade Black Handbag

Kate Spade Handbag

I’ve been a huge fan of Kate Spade handbags for years. Ever since James bought me my first one about three or four years ago (it’s still in perfect condition). The quality and style of Kate Spade bags is so amazing and I know the bag I already have will last me many more years. I’ve wanted a good quality black bag for a while now so I decided to get one from Kate Spade again. I did have a look in Prada, Mulberry and a few other shops in Kildare Village and honestly I preferred the style of bags in the KS boutique.

I’ve been saving up and am planning to go down and pick out my new handbag at some stage this month. Hopefully I can stretch the budget to get a purse or maybe a small crossbody bag too. If you are looking to invest I would really recommend heading down to Kildare Village and checking out Kate Spade. The prices are much more affordable there and you’re guaranteed great quality. There is also a new Michael Kors boutique opening soon if you needed another reason to visit!

Autumn Winter Wardrobe Staples Black Beanie Pom Hat


You will not find me without a hat coming into the Autumn Winter. From beanies to fedoras, everyone needs a hat to keep the heat in! I have a box overflowing with hats and scarves but I guarantee you I will buy more again this year! Beanie hats are my staple for winter and are perfect for hiding a bad hair day. I love ones with bobbles like the Knitted Pom Pom Beanie Hat above.

Autumn Winter Wardrobe Staples Black Parka Jacket

Parka Jacket

A parka jacket is something I don’t own and haven’t owned since I was a kid. With the Winters getting colder and snow appearing more and more, I’m investing in jackets that will actually do what their supposed to do. Whilst I love my more fashionable aviator, duster and leather coats – they don’t keep you that warm or dry. I’m dying to pick up a really nice parka coat that will last me for a few years and will keep me warm and dry, rain, hail or snow! I love the look of this V by Very Ultimate Parka which has the huge black faux fur trim or the Brave Soul Hero Duffel Parka.

Let me know what are your Autumn Winter staple pieces. As you can see, for me they are investment items. I know I will wear these over and over again and they will hopefully last for years.

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