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All The New Homeware I’ve Been Buying

If you read my last post, you will have seen that James and I bought a house. We couldn’t be more excited! Obviously for us we’ve known about this for months so I’ve gradually been buying new homeware pieces for when we move in.

Even before we had the house, there was certain things I knew I wanted. I’ve been planning the interiors for months so I had a set view of the way I want certain rooms. We do know that for some things we need to wait to move in and get a better idea of the space. But for other things we were happy to go ahead and start buying what we want.

It definitely hasn’t been easy planning and shopping for a new house with all the shops shut due to the lockdown put in place for Covid 19. Normally at this stage I would have done a round trip of most of the shops and would have picked up a lot more. Being confined to online shopping was great for searching for bargains, but not great when you want to see or feel something before committing to the purchase. Thankfully everything I bought has arrived and I’m happy with it all.

Image © De’Longhi Global YouTube

Toaster & Kettle

These were the first things we bought for the house and we were luckily able to get these in the Arnotts warehouse sale, just before Covid hit Ireland. I had initially looked at getting a Smeg Toaster & Kettle, the price of them was just too high. After looking at loads of different options we went with the DeLonghi Icona in a classic white and chrome finish. Our kitchen is grey with white counter and tiles so these will look perfect in it. You can shop DeLonghi from Arnotts.

Bedroom Curtains

I held off buying curtains for our bedroom for so long as I didn’t want to buy them online. Eventually as we got closer to closing the sale on the house, I gave in. I picked up this pair from Home Store & More and am actually really happy with them. They’re a heavy lined curtain in a natural shade with a chevron style design. They are really nice quality and I’ll be looking at buying more curtains from Home Store & More as we continue to decorate.

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Belleek Cutlery Set

We have cutlery from our last rental that we had bought but over the years they’ve become tarnished and marked. I was looking for a nice set that will last years and look great when we have people over. This set from Belleek was really good value and is perfect for our everyday cutlery drawer. The set has 58 pieces, including a mix of dinner and dessert knives and forks, soup spoons, dessert spoons, teaspoons and eve serving spoons. I picked this up directly from Belleek and there is currently a code (LC30) that you can use on this set to get even more savings.

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Denby Tableware

A couple of people had told me not to buy Denby as it is a high price point for tableware. I couldn’t help myself though and loved the Blue Haze collection that they currently have. I’ve initially just picked up a 12 piece tableware set along with 4 of the pasta bowls and 4 mugs. One of the things that drew me to Denby was I know already it is really good quality. I’ve seen how long it has lasted for other people and I love the fact that I can continue to expand the collection with so many matching items available.

Next on my list is to pick up more dinner plates and maybe the teapot. I bought our set on Wayfair as it was on offer at the time but you can buy it directly from Denby too. An option I was looking at is buying some of the collection from the ‘seconds’ that Denby has.  This way I can pick up some of the less used items like the teapot and sugar bowl much cheaper and I don’t mind if there is some small blemishes on these items.


I have picked up other bits too that probably aren’t as exciting to show. I think my collapsible laundry baskets are great, but I won’t bore you with pictures of them! We’ve also bought a few furniture pieces but I’ll pop up another post focusing more on some of the furniture items when we have them in the rooms.

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