My name is Megan Kessie, I am 22 and I am from Dublin. I work as a Social Media Manager and I write my beauty blog, in my spare time.

I started my blog in 2015 as a hobby and a creative outlet for myself as I was working in healthcare at the time. It is only since I began writing that I realised how much I loved the media world and sought a job in it!

The reason I chose Make It Up Megan as the name for my blog is really because I feel I’m making my way into the beauty world. Make up is a huge love of mine, but I am not a trained MUA or anywhere near it, so sometimes I’m making up my own way of doing things!

I love sharing my own views on the latest beauty trends and product releases and I am not afraid to be brutally honest!

I hope you have just as much fun reading Make It Up Megan as I have writing it!

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Enjoy Reading Make It Up Megan!